Be the Person Who Creates Miracles

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Christmas Lottery

A company had a tradition of holding an annual party on Christmas Eve, and held a lottery. The lottery rule was this: each employee $10 US dollars to the fund. The company had a total of three hundred employees. In other words, a total of three thousand dollars could be raised, and the lucky winner would take all the money home.

On the day of the lottery, the office was filled with a lively atmosphere. Evervone wrote their names on a piece of paper to put into the lottery box. However, a young man hesitated when writing his name. This was because he had thought of the company’s cleaning lady. Her frail and sick son had recently needed surgery, but she did not have money to pay the operation costs. So she was very troubled. Although he knew the chance of winning the lottery was slim, only a I in 300 chance, the man still wrote the name of the cleaning lady on his piece of paper.
The moment of suspense arrived, the boss stirred the lottery box and finally took out a piece of paper. In his heart, the man had been constantly praying, “I hope the cleaning lady can win”. Then the boss carefully declared the winner’s name. A miracle had happened!
The cleaning lady had really won! The office burst into cheers. The cleaning lady quickly went forward to accept the award. She was so happy that she almost cried and said, “I am really lucky! With this money, my son has hope!”
The party began. The man while thinking about the “Christmas miracle”, paced around the lottery box. He took out a piece of paper and inadvertently opened it to take a look. Written on the paper was also the cleaning lady’s name! The man was very surprised. He then drew out several more pieces of paper. Although the handwriting was not the same, all the names were the same. All were the cleaning lady’s name! The man teared up, he understood that the world really has Christmas miracles. However, the miracles will not fall from the sky, they are created by people themselves.

Rotten Vegetables

One afternoon, I went to the suburbs with a friend to take a walk. Suddenly. an old man wearing very worn clothing came over carrying a bag of vegetables to sell.
Those vegetables looked poor. They were yellowed and withered, and even had insect bites. But my friend did not say anything and bought three bags. The old man was also very embarrassed and explained, “I planted the vegetables myself. A while back there was a heavy rain and they became rotten. They do not look very good. I am really sorгу.”
After the old man left, I asked my friend, “Are you really going to eat these vegetables when you get home?”
Without thinking he replied, “No, these vegetables can’t be eaten anymore.”
“Then why did you buy them?”
That is because no one will buy these vegetables. If I don’t buy them, then the old man probably won’t have any income.”
Impressed by my friend’s benevolent act, I caught up with the old man and also bought some of the vegetables. The old man said joyfully, “I have been selling the entire day, and only you two have been willing to buy them. I am very thankful to you.”
A few vegetables that I can’t even eat allowed me to learn a valuable lesson.
When we are at a low, we hope that a miracle will come upon us. Yet, when we are capable, will we be willing to do that miracle?

Be the Person Who Creates Miracles


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