Winter Break Family Trip — Ligai Canyon

Winter Break Family Trip — Ligai Canyon

The third stop of our family winter break trip was the Ligai Canyon, and what an incredible experience it turned out to be. We had initially planned to visit Antelope Canyon, but all the tour tickets were sold out. Instead, the agent suggested we visit Ligai Canyon, a similar but lesser-known destination, the ticket is $70 per person, and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found.

Ligai Canyon is located on Navajo private property, and all the tour guides are from the same family. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, he shared a wealth of information about the Navajo culture and way of life. He told us about the significance of blue as a protective color and showed us his beautiful turquoise bracelet. He also shared details about the four sacred mountains, the use of native herbs for medicine, and the Navajo’s life on their huge ranch, which is 6 miles by 6 miles.

We had very small group, just 6 people, and the tour place was not crowded at all. The tour guide shared that when he was a child, the canyons were his playground, and he and his friends had parties in the upper Antelope Canyon during their high school years. He never imagined that people would pay theme park prices to visit these places that were once their playgrounds.

The Canyon truly captures the beauty and power of nature. It’s awe-inspiring to think about how the canyon was formed over millions of years by the forces of water and wind. The intricate patterns and shapes carved into the stone walls of the canyon are a testament to the sheer force of nature.

As you explore the canyon, you’ll be struck by the diversity of its features. From the heart-shaped carvings on the walls to the narrow pathways and towering cliffs, each aspect of the canyon offers something unique and breathtaking. The dynamic spiral shapes that wind their way up the walls are particularly mesmerizing, and add to the overall sense of movement and energy that permeates the canyon.

Another striking feature of the Ligai Canyon is its reddish hue. This rich, vibrant color is the result of the iron oxide in the rock, and adds an extra layer of beauty to an already stunning landscape. Whether you’re gazing up at the towering cliffs or admiring the intricate patterns on the walls, you’ll be awed by the sheer magnificence of this natural wonder.

At the end of the tour, our guide imparted some wise words to my two sons. He told them to learn from their grandparents and parents, and to hold onto their native language, as there is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge contained within it. My sons were deeply moved by his words, and I could see that they had taken his message to heart.

I hope that they will continue to pass down the Chinese culture to future generations, preserving its rich history and traditions. This was truly the highlight of the tour for me, and I am grateful for the guide’s insights and encouragement. By imparting these valuable lessons to my sons, he has given them a gift that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Winter Break Family Trip — Ligai Canyon


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