How to Obtain Supernormal Power

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From Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow

By Ahmong Nuobu Pamu

SUPERNORMAL DHARMA POWERS ARE skills that will inevitably appear during the course of a Buddhist’s cultivation and his striving for enlightenment. These powers are also a type of realization that the cultivator must naturally possess.
This is especially true with respect to practitioners of Vajrayana Bud-dhism. When the Vajra Acarya Master manifests the Dharma at the Buddhist altar area, these skills will provide empowerment that is an indispensable part of the Buddhist altar area state. Those who are Rinpoches, Dharma Teachers, and Great Virtuous Ones desire and require such skills.
Even ordinary cultivators who have just begun to follow Buddhism want to possess a few supernormal Dharma powers! Because of such ignorant thinking, these practitioners will not only cultivate themselves for their entire lives without attaining any supernormal powers, they will also never have the opportunity to even meet up with a teacher of great virtue who does possess supernormal Dharma powers! What is the reason for this result?

Can it be said that desiring supernormal Dharma powers is blameworthy and produces hindrances?
Desiring supernormal powers can be a proper desire for the Dharma. The desire for supernormal powers can be divided into two types: blameworthy and non-blameworthy. It is blameworthy if one desires supernormal Dharma powers primarily for one’s own use. This would include desiring to appear impressive and awe-inspiring by showing off one’s Dharma powers. It would also include using one’s miraculous powers to subdue people, reap fame and Bain, cheat people out of money, hoodwink people into sexual misconduct, further one’s worldly selfish and evil intentions, and do all kinds of bad things.

These people do not know that the Dharma Protectors in space are inspecting and can see their evil minds. The Dharma Protectors will then immediately exercise their samadhi obstructive powers. These Dharma Protectors will seal up the chakras in the bodies of these ill-intentioned people. Their chakras will be confined to this earthly realm. As a result, for their entire lives, these people will only be able to manifest the state of an ordinary person. It will be impossible for them to obtain supernormal powers. This is because if these evil people were ever to obtain supernormal Dharma powers, they would immediately become sorcerers. That would be horrible. Wouldn’t the three spheres of the universe thereby fall into great chaos?

The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the various Dharma realms look back into beginningless time and look forward into the eternal future. They know all living beings in the three spheres of existence like the palms of their own hands. They specifically designate certain conditions under which they will bestow supernormal Dharma powers. Additionally, they dispatch Dharma Protectors, who keep watch on all practitioners, to manage the miraculous powers of living beings. Even if a Great Virtuous One is momentarily deceived by a person with such evil intent and consequently transmits the Buddha Dharma to him, as long as this person’s evil intentions still remain, it will be impossible for him to obtain supernormal Dharma powers no matter how diligently he may practice. This is because the Dharma Protectors inspecting from above do not dare to violate the precepts! They see that evil person’s preposterous ideas and immediately cease his miraculous Dharma powers. They block his chakras to prevent his chakras from developing. This is the responsibility of these Dharma Protectors.

There is a second type of person. Their desire to obtain supernormal Dharma powers is not blameworthy. The main reason why this type of person desires miraculous powers is to enlighten themselves and others. The practice of this type of person is based upon the four limitless states of mind. They constantly carry out the six paramitas. They have taken the great bodhicitta vows. They cultivate themselves in order to liberate all living beings. They want to obtain miraculous Dharma powers in order to liberate living beings from the suffering connected with samsara. They desire to obtain supernormal powers in order to benefit all living beings. They themselves clearly believe in the law of cause and effect. They even often fear that obtaining supernormal powers will bring about karmic hindrances and will cause them to go against the law of cause and effect. Thus, they are frightened of miraculous powers and maintain a heart of humility. They are Great Bodhisattvas, yet they always consider themselves to be ordinary living beings.

The practice of this type of person is entirely in accordance with Buddhism. Since their practice is in accordance with what I am now lecturing on – Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow – the Dharma Protectors inspecting from above will provide them with the most wonderful assistance. These deities will untie the knots in the energy channels of these practitioners and will cause the supernormal Dharma powers of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to suddenly turn into light and enter their chakras. At that time, the mandala in each practitioner’s body will respond well and will accept these powers. As a result, miraculous powers will naturally appear and Dharma powers will open up!
Now then, how does one obtain supernormal Dharma powers after all? Those who are smart might already know the answer. However, perhaps those ignorant people who fantasize about learning miraculous Dharma powers do not yet understand. Hence, I, Pamu, will now clearly tell all of you! How should we obtain supernormal Dharma powers?

There are methods to obtain miraculous Dharma powers. There are mantras, mudras, and visualization techniques. When one’s three karmas unite into one body and correspond with the teachings, supernormal Dharma powers will come into being. One can then exhibit power and light. The uniting of one’s three karmas into one body and their correspondence with the teachings will be manifested in the state of realization and state of virtue one has attained through practice of the Buddha Dharma. When one’s state of realization and state of virtue have reached the level where it is appropriate to obtain supernormal Dharma powers, then as soon as one practices according to the Dharma, supernormal Dharma powers will appear. If one’s state of realization and state of virtue have not yet reached the level where it is appropriate to obtain supernormal Dharma powers, then even if one recites mantras until one’s lips crack, and even if one practices mudras until one’s Wrists fall off, one will still not obtain the slightest Dharma power.
The ordinary practitioner of exoteric Buddhism knows that without moral discipline, one cannot develop concentration. Without concentration, One cannot attain wisdom. One also cannot attain supernormal powers. Without concentration, one cannot master the Dharma.

I am telling this to all of you here today in the hope that you will pass these instructions on to all of those people who fantasize about having limitless Dharma powers and great supernormal powers. If one does not learn the Tripitaka well and does not live according to Buddhism, or if one does not deeply study and truly practice the teachings contained in the books I have written, such as The Prajna of Ultimate Reality, Entering the Door of the Dharma, Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow, Brief Commentary on the Precepts and Discipline Treatise, etc., then one will not be able to obtain supernormal Dharma powers! This is because the great door leading to supernormal Dharma powers is opened by living according to the teachings of Buddhism and by possessing a high state of realization and a high state of virtue. There are no other means by which one can obtain supernormal Dharma powers!

Supernormal Dharma powers are arranged by the Buddhas and are managed by the Dharma Protectors who patrol and inspect in the sky. Since the beginning of Buddhist history, not one Dharma Protector has bestowed supernormal Dharma powers upon any cultivator who does not live in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism and who does not have a high state of realization and a high state of virtue. Since the beginning of Buddhist history, not one Dharma Protector has opened up the energy channel knots of any cultivator who does not live in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism and who does not have a high state of realization and a high state of virtue.

How to Obtain Supernormal Power


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Source: Taken from Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow, by Ahmong Nuobu Pamu, translated by Bodi Wentu Rinpoche

From Monkey King in “Journey to the West” to A Fast-flying Buddhist Nun

From Monkey King in “Journey to the West” to A Fast-Flying Buddhist Nun

The monkey king in Journey to the West was such a thrilling, fascinating, and happy memory in my childhood. I have read the books, comic booklets, and watched the cartoon movies about it many times. The one I liked the most is “The Monkey King makes an Uproar in Heaven”. It ignited my imagination. I wished I could fly on the clouds just like the Monkey King.

The Monkey King is born on Flower Fruit Mountain from a stone egg that forms from an ancient rock created by the coupling of Heaven and Earth. He first distinguishes himself by bravely entering the  Water Curtain Cave on the mountain; for this feat, his monkey tribe gives him the title of “Handsome Monkey King (美猴王).” After seeing a fellow monkey die because of old age, he decides to travel around the world to seek the Tao, and find a way to be able to live forever. He eventually found the “Grand Master of Bodhi (菩提祖師),” who taught him the 72 heavenly methods of transformation and a “sumersault cloud” which allows him to travel 108,000 chinese kilometer, almost instantaneously. The Grand Master also give him a name Sun Wukong. Sun is the Sir name, Wukong means “Awakened to Emptiness”.

After angering several gods and coming to the attention of the Jade Emperor, he is given a minor position in heaven as the Keeper of Horses (弼馬溫) so they can keep an eye on him. When Sun realizes that he was given the lowest position in heaven and is not considered a full-fledged god, he becomes very angry. Upon returning to his mountain, he puts up a flag and declares himself the “Great Sage Equal to Heaven (齊天大聖).” The Jade Emperor dispatches celestial soldiers to arrest Sun Wukong, but none succeed.

The Jade Emperor has no choice but to appoint him to be the guardian of the heavenly peach garden. The different varieties of peach trees in the garden bear fruit every 3,000, 6,000, and 9,000 years, and eating their flesh will bestow immortality and other gifts, so Sun Wukong eats nearly all of the ripe peaches. Later, after fairies who come to collect peaches for Xi Wangmu‘s heavenly peach banquet inform Sun Wukong he is not invited and make fun of him, he once again begins to cause trouble in Heaven, stealing heavenly wine from the peach banquet and eating Laozi‘s pills of immortality. He defeats an army of 100,000 celestial troops, led by the Four Heavenly KingsErlang Shen, and Nezha

Eventually, the Jade Emperor appeals to the Buddha, who seals Wukong under a mountain called Five Elements Mountain after the latter loses a bet regarding whether he can leap out of the Buddha’s hand in a single somersault. Sun Wukong is kept under the mountain for 500 years and cannot escape because of a seal that was placed on the mountain. He is later set free when Tang Sanzang comes upon him during his pilgrimage and accepts him as a disciple.

When I grew up, I started my own journey in searching the truth and meaning of life and universe. I dabbled in different religions. Finally I became a buddhist. There were many supernormal manifestations in buddhist Sutras. Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and holy venerable ones, demonstrated much much more powers than the monkey king. Such as stories of Shariputra’s action power by wisdom, Mahamaudgalyayana’s supernatural power of going a long distance in a shot time, Master Mi Hong’s trip from Shigatse to ChengDu, etc…. In Buddhism teaching, every disciple who has received initiation has the potential to quickly obtain supernormal dharma powers through practice. One has the potential to easily assume an infinite variety of forms and obtain good worldly fortune.

In the dharma discourse Learning from Buddha, imparted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. I learned there is a Buddha Dharma called “Fine Horse Traversing the Sky Stepping on Clouds”. When a qualified disciple practice this Dharma, he can fly in the sky. Here is the true account of a fast-flying buddhist nun.

(Reported from Los Angeles) In September 2013, an event of supernatural phenomenon occurred in Los Angeles. Scientists have not been able to explain it. This was about a 49-year old Buddhist  nun  named Jian Hui, a disciple of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha IIIflying at a speed of 700 km per hour.

This event happened at a Buddhist assembly for beseeching auspiciousness, favorable weather, eliminating disasters, and increasing good fortune. The more than 50 attendees are all famous Buddhist figures. At the time, the ceremonial process required chanting a sutra and burning a letter of petition every 10 minutes. When the fifth letter of petition was to be burned, it was discovered that this letter of petition had been lost by this nun named Jian Hui. She was very sad and could not keep her from crying. Because the assembly could not be stopped and the steps of chanting sutras and burning letters of petition must be followed in the predefined order, it was decided that Jian Hui was to go to Hua Zang Si’s Southern-California satellite monastery located in Monterey Park to get this letter of petition. Some time had passed since Jian Hui left. People became very anxious and they called the satellite monastery to ask when the letter of petition can be brought back. The nuns at that monastery passed the phone to Jian Hui. Jian Hui was quite angry on the phone and said, “Don’t make a fuss! I will be back as soon as possible!” Sure enough, within three minutes after putting down the phone, Jian Hui returned to the site of the ceremony from the monastery that is 12 kilometers away. People at the site were all stunned. A nun at the site named Zheng Hui was very surprised and called the monastery to inquire the whereabouts of Jian Hui. The reply from the monastery was that Jian Hui left just three minutes ago. Further verification later also revealed that, after the phone conversation, Jian Hui also spent time to teach people chanting mantras before leaving for the site of the assembly. Based on the calculation that subtracted the time of delay, Jian Hui traveled this distance of 12 kilometers within at most one minute.

Zheng Hui planned to write this event in a book. To verify the facts, she went to the monastery to talk to the nuns there. They all confirmed, “When you called and said that she had returned to your place, it was just a very short while after she had left.” Zheng Hui then asked Zheng Xue, the nun who handed the phone to Jian Hui, where she was at the time. Zheng Xue took this question as distrusting her and was very upset. She kneeled down in front of the statue of Amitabha Buddha and took an oath against heavy consequences to swear that she received the phone call at the monastery and handed the phone to Jian Hui in person inside the Buddha hall of the monastery. If she told a lie, she is willing to descend into the hell realm. Zheng Hui also took an oath against heavy consequences to swear that, within three minutes after her phone conversation with Jian Hui, Jian Hui returned to the site of the assembly. She is also willing to descend into the hell realm if what she said is untrue. Moreover, eminent Buddhist monks including Gar Tongstan IV Ciren Gyatso, Kaichu, Akou Lamo, Shi Miao Kong, Shi Long Hui, Shi Jue Hui, Shi Kui Zhi and others also completely confirmed from their respective personal presences and witnesses at the two locations that the above event was completely true.

From Monkey King in “Journey to the West” to A Fast-Flying Buddhist Nun


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