Tiles Designed by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Tiles Designed by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Extremely beautiful and glittering jewel-like floor tiles covered all the hall ways and open areas at the first floor of the The International Art Museum of America (IAMA). H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, the artist, wielded his brush and applied colors to create those gorgeous and resplendent as gemstones and with rustic, charming tiles. So ordinary people could replace common tiles, marble, and granite slabs in the old style, and enjoy the splendor of earthly mansions and the beauty of heavenly palaces.

Tiles displayed in the Collection of The International Art Museum of America (IAMA)

When you see these four tiles with gemstone patterns, it seems there is nothing more to say other than they give you a feeling of beauty and naturalness. However, as soon as you realize they are actually four paintings, you will marvel at them in a state of perplexity. All of them are indeed paintings in patterns of jade. They are representative of works that belong to the “Chaoshi” (super fine) style of painting. Starting clockwise from the top left, they are Dragon-Scale Jade, Autumn Aqueous, Fortune Vase Jade, and Yellow Loveliness Jade. Their patterns, watery tone, luster, and moist appearance are completely the same as those of natural jade objects. Such accomplishment clearly shows the calligraphic and painting mastery of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III in the style of “Chaoshi.”

In The H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural and Art Museum, has more many different color-painted tiles on display. They all completely resemble natural stones in terms of color, luster, grain, and aesthetic impression. These tiles can be classified into six main categories: the Rustic Elegance Collection, the Lyrical Charm Collection, the Luxurious Gem Collection, the Serene Nobility Collection, the Contemporary Distinction Collection, and the Heavenly Stone Collection.

In many world-class building and decoration material exhibitions held in the United States, China, and elsewhere, the tiles created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III have each time attracted the greatest stream of people. They have been appraised as being the best tiles in the world. Those who view them, including experts in the same trade, marvel at and highly praise the beauty before their eyes, smiling as they bask in the pleasure of the moment. The tiles created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are judged by everyone to be the highest-class, most beautiful, and most elegant decorative material in the world today.

Tiles Designed by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III



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Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue

Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue

An Exhibition of “Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue” was held between August 14th – August 19th 2021 at H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural And Art Museum, in West Covina CA.

The exhibition was a dialogue between the water lily paintings of Claude Monet and Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang. Monet is the founder of “impressionism.” Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the founder of “imagery-naturalism.” Both artists are the most distinguished virtuosos among International First-Class Artists. This Exhibition of Paintings in Dialogue features 16 oil color water lily paintings from each artist. At the same time, 16 lotus ink paintings created by Yuhua Shouzhi Wang are also on view. The Monet paintings are high-definition reproductions from his water lily paintings.

Master Claude Monet is the founder of the “impressionism” painting style known throughout the world. He was an International First-Class Artist with landmark accomplishment. His Water Lily Paintings are renowned throughout the world. His color is dynamic. With brushstrokes that capture changing light and shadow over the lily pond, Monet portrays foggy morning sceneries of all seasons. Monet is adept at presenting the changes in light and shadow, placing special emphasis on their haziness in the atmosphere. With oil color and technical mastery, he infuses the landscape with the floating light, moving shadow, and atmosphere to present the beauty and colors of water lilies in many layers of depth.

In his late years, he immersed his entire mind and being into his pond of water lilies in Giverny. From then on, his subject matter never deviated from the water lilies. He lived and breathed water lilies. He was a world-renowned master in water lily painting. Monet’s colors are fresh, graceful, sophisticated, seasoned, and brilliant. With sweeping and carefree brushwork, he applies color at will. He places emphasis on haziness, and his use of bright colors are not at all garish. Monet’s paintings are devoid of artisanal dullness, both his technique and form are natural and audacious, achieving the oneness of form and spirit. He is a world master of water lily painting, and fittingly an International First-Class Virtuoso. His artistry has achieved the Class of Divinity and the Class of Ease.

Master Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the founder of the “imagery-naturalism” style in painting. She has attained the landmark achievement of being the only Asian top-level world virtuoso today who has been accorded the International First-Class Artist title. Her paintings are characterized by noble style, magnificent artistry, masterful technique, magnificent composition, richness of layer and depth, and audacious, beautiful impasto color. The misty atmospheres within them exude another-worldly elegance. She is a very versatile painter. Her paintings encompass landscape, flower-bird composition, animal, flower, fish-shrimp composition, and figure, as well as super realistic art and surrealistic abstraction. Stemming from a foundation of oil color painting, she shatters the normative form of everyday objects, capturing the naturally evolving nature of the imageries that come from everyday life yet transcend everyday life. She has founded the unique “imagery-naturalism” painting style and established a landmark artistic achievement. She has attained the “ten ultimate artistries” in her infinitely evolving style, and her accomplishments are unprecedented.

In 2008, the artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang were exhibited in the Gold Room at the United States Capitol. The United States Congress recognized her as “a great artist and sculptor” for her outstanding accomplishments, and officially chronicled such recognition in the Congressional Record. The same record also mentioned that Dr. Wang “takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and the West.”

Out of many artists’ works, the World Federation of UNESCO (WFUCA) accorded Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s artworks the “WFUCA2013” title. The New York Academy of Art, upon assessing and determining Professor Wang’s level of artistry, conferred to her the “International First-Class Artist” title. An “International First-Class Artist” title certificate was also issued by the U.S. National Commission for WFUCA to Professor Wang on December 20, 2020, in which they recognized the professor’s accomplishment as among the top of International First Class Artists.

There is a permanent exhibition of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s paintings in International Art Museum of America at San Francisco downtown.

Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue

Link: https://peacelilysite.com/2022/02/25/claude-monet-and-yuhua-shouzhi-wang-an-exhibition-of-water-lily-paintings-in-dialogue/

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The City of Covina Holds Its Tree Lighting Ceremony for the 31st Year, With an Enhanced Festival

The lights of the Covina Christmas tree were lit up amongst the music of the Covina concert band and the cheers of the crowd. (Photo by David McCarty)

The City of Covina’s Tree Lighting Festival was held on November 5th, with the participation of the Covina Christmas Parade Committee, and the H.H.  Dorje Chang Buddha III, Cultural and Art Museum, and other businesses and individuals in the city. The City proudly partnered with people and organizations in the community, to bring local families together and get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

The lights of the Covina Christmas tree were lit up amongst the music of the Covina concert band and the cheers of the crowd. (Photo by David McCarty)

While the tree lighting has been done for years, this year was different and expanded, with more of a storyline to the festivities, and an added sense of joy and purpose. After COVID-19’s disruption of so many festivals and get-togethers last year, this year’s tree lighting and festival atmosphere were designed to bring back the sense of joy and wonder that makes the holiday season a special one for so many people. It’s a great time of year to move on from a tough time in life with a renewed spirit of happiness and peace.

The representative of 22nd Senate District Susan Rubio’s office presented the certificate to the City of Covina. (Photo by David McCarty)

When asked about the history of the event and the differences compared with past tree lighting events, Covina’s Mayor Jorge A. Marquez said, “The City of Covina has had a Christmas Parade that’s run for 70 years. We also have a tradition of lighting up the Christmas tree every year, to add extra holiday cheer. The difference now, compared to the past, is we have added a storyline within the event, to keep kids entertained, and added activities for kids and their families to enjoy.”

With the lingering issues caused by the pandemic, and the stress and strain that has put on many families, it’s important for everyone to have some fun and fellowship as the holidays approach this year. The City of Covina was focused on that during the festival, and the City is dedicated to making the holiday season a better one for the community, as much as possible. Taking time away from worries, for families to celebrate and enjoy the magic of the holiday season, is a great way to do that.

Brian Tyan, the President of the H.H.  Dorje Chang Buddha III,Cultural and Art Museum, shares that opinion. The museum chose to partner with the City of Covina for this event by collaborating with the Covina Parks and Recreation Department and the Covina Christmas Parade Committee, in order to bring the joy of the holiday to the community more fully.

The event was held at Heritage Plaza, and included the Covina Farmer’s Market, where visitors could get great food and shop for holiday gifts. There was also live holiday music from the Covina Concert Band, and plenty of free activities for everyone to enjoy. Giveaways, letters to Santa, and children’s crafts were just some of the offerings the City worked to make possible. While adults understand the seriousness of the pandemic, and the toll it took last year, the children were often the ones who missed out.

The Christmas light decorations of the H.H.  Dorje Chang Buddha III,Cultural and Art Museum building attracted a large number of local residents. (Photo by David McCarty)

When asked about what he feels the event means to the community, the Mayor replied, “To me, this Christmas I believe allows us to come together as a community, to kick off the winter holiday and enjoy each other’s fellowship. Especially this year, with COVID-19, we are hoping to get back to normal, to celebrating not just Christmas but each other, as a strong, tight-knit community.” While the City of Covina already has a Christmas parade, the Tree Lighting Festival added even more joy and completeness to the festivities.

This year was the 31st tree lighting ceremony for Covina, and the event has been a favorite of the community all during that time. According to Tyan, the H.H.  Dorje Chang Buddha III,Cultural and Art Museum recognizes that last year was rough on people, with losses including jobs and loved ones. The hope is that, through the Tree Lighting Festival, more people in the community can feel joy in their hearts and experience a reprieve from the pandemic.

To help encourage that, a professional holiday lighting company was hired, and that company decorated the entire museum building and the parking lot. There were snow machines on the event date, so people could enjoy the experience of snowfall. Parents and children were able to take photos with the snow falling, and there were light-up elements to add to the happiness and peacefulness of the occasion, as just one aspect of the overall festival, and the joyous atmosphere it produced for residents of Covina.

The museum sponsored the hot cocoa and coffee booth, where anyone could get free cocoa or coffee during the event to keep warm and cozy on a chilly night, and increase the feeling of holiday cheer. There were glow sticks and gifts for visitors who came to the booth, and the fun and excitement of the trackless train, allowing kids at the event to have a free train ride as part of the festival and  as a way to move on from COVID-19 and have more adventures.

Link: https://peacelilysite.com/2021/11/11/the-city-of-covina-holds-its-tree-lighting-ceremony-for-the-31st-year-with-an-enhanced-festival/

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