Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue

Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue

An Exhibition of “Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue” was held between August 14th – August 19th 2021 at H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Cultural And Art Museum, in West Covina CA.

The exhibition was a dialogue between the water lily paintings of Claude Monet and Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang. Monet is the founder of “impressionism.” Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the founder of “imagery-naturalism.” Both artists are the most distinguished virtuosos among International First-Class Artists. This Exhibition of Paintings in Dialogue features 16 oil color water lily paintings from each artist. At the same time, 16 lotus ink paintings created by Yuhua Shouzhi Wang are also on view. The Monet paintings are high-definition reproductions from his water lily paintings.

Master Claude Monet is the founder of the “impressionism” painting style known throughout the world. He was an International First-Class Artist with landmark accomplishment. His Water Lily Paintings are renowned throughout the world. His color is dynamic. With brushstrokes that capture changing light and shadow over the lily pond, Monet portrays foggy morning sceneries of all seasons. Monet is adept at presenting the changes in light and shadow, placing special emphasis on their haziness in the atmosphere. With oil color and technical mastery, he infuses the landscape with the floating light, moving shadow, and atmosphere to present the beauty and colors of water lilies in many layers of depth.

In his late years, he immersed his entire mind and being into his pond of water lilies in Giverny. From then on, his subject matter never deviated from the water lilies. He lived and breathed water lilies. He was a world-renowned master in water lily painting. Monet’s colors are fresh, graceful, sophisticated, seasoned, and brilliant. With sweeping and carefree brushwork, he applies color at will. He places emphasis on haziness, and his use of bright colors are not at all garish. Monet’s paintings are devoid of artisanal dullness, both his technique and form are natural and audacious, achieving the oneness of form and spirit. He is a world master of water lily painting, and fittingly an International First-Class Virtuoso. His artistry has achieved the Class of Divinity and the Class of Ease.

Master Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is the founder of the “imagery-naturalism” style in painting. She has attained the landmark achievement of being the only Asian top-level world virtuoso today who has been accorded the International First-Class Artist title. Her paintings are characterized by noble style, magnificent artistry, masterful technique, magnificent composition, richness of layer and depth, and audacious, beautiful impasto color. The misty atmospheres within them exude another-worldly elegance. She is a very versatile painter. Her paintings encompass landscape, flower-bird composition, animal, flower, fish-shrimp composition, and figure, as well as super realistic art and surrealistic abstraction. Stemming from a foundation of oil color painting, she shatters the normative form of everyday objects, capturing the naturally evolving nature of the imageries that come from everyday life yet transcend everyday life. She has founded the unique “imagery-naturalism” painting style and established a landmark artistic achievement. She has attained the “ten ultimate artistries” in her infinitely evolving style, and her accomplishments are unprecedented.

In 2008, the artworks of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang were exhibited in the Gold Room at the United States Capitol. The United States Congress recognized her as “a great artist and sculptor” for her outstanding accomplishments, and officially chronicled such recognition in the Congressional Record. The same record also mentioned that Dr. Wang “takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and the West.”

Out of many artists’ works, the World Federation of UNESCO (WFUCA) accorded Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s artworks the “WFUCA2013” title. The New York Academy of Art, upon assessing and determining Professor Wang’s level of artistry, conferred to her the “International First-Class Artist” title. An “International First-Class Artist” title certificate was also issued by the U.S. National Commission for WFUCA to Professor Wang on December 20, 2020, in which they recognized the professor’s accomplishment as among the top of International First Class Artists.

There is a permanent exhibition of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang’s paintings in International Art Museum of America at San Francisco downtown.

Claude Monet and Yuhua Shouzhi Wang: An Exhibition of Water Lily Paintings in Dialogue


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