One May Distinguish Himself In Every Walk Of Life

One May Distinguish Himself In Every Walk Of Life

An old Chinese saying goes, “There are three hundred and sixty trades, and every trade has its master.” Jill Perez, a doorman of 35 years at the Christie‘s Auction house, is a perfect proof of these words. Anyone could be an expert in their profession through their efforts.

Jill Perez was an ordinary child born in a poor family in the black area of ​​New York. Because of poor family circumstances, Jill started working as a security guard when he was very young, earning a meager salary to subsidize his family. But fortunately, Jill’s company is the world-renowned art auction house Christie’s company. After working diligently as a security guard for a year, the boss solemnly handed over the key of the warehouse door to Jill. You know, the company’s warehouses hold valuable auction items from all over the world, and Jill could keep the keys, which shows the company’s trust in him.

Jill have worked for several years and there has never been any difference. When the seniority was enough, the boss wanted to promote him to the supervisor of the warehouse, but surprisingly, Jill refused on the spot, because he prefers to work with people eagerly, and to look after the warehouse alone, which really does not fit his personality.

In this way, under Jill’s voluntary application, he became a concierge in charge of sliding doors for guests. Although this job had to stand upright for a whole day, it was very hard, but Jill enjoyed it. Of course, Jill is not perfunctory at this simple job, showing 100% enthusiasm. In order to make each guest feel enthusiasm and warmth, he forced himself to write down the name, appearance and basic life experience of each guest. In this way, when sliding the door, he can say a cordial sentence: Welcome, Mr./Madam!

Every day on the way to work, he is practicing more natural greetings. Every supper, he asks his wife to test himself, and strives to imprint the appearance of every guest in his mind.

Time flies, Jill’s outstanding performance has made countless guests feel as warm as a spring breeze, and has also earned Christie’s a lot of goodwill.

Until the company is about to hold a grand auction in London, the superior attaches great importance to this event, hoping to select a receptionist who knows all the artists and guests. The result was chosen, only Jill had this extraordinary ability.

But Jill’s child is only three weeks old, and the small family cannot do without him. Because of the backbone, Jill declined the request of his boss. Unexpectedly, the boss was resolute and asked Jill to go to London with his wife and children, and the company was responsible for settling his wife and children.

On the day of getting off the plane, someone from the company drove an extended Lincoln to pick up them. Although Jill understands that this is the company’s emphasis on this event, the feeling of being respected is so wonderful that it makes him even more convinced that his efforts are correct.

At this event, Jill put on a gorgeous tuxedo, but he said that the back of the tuxedo was very uncomfortable, and he was not as good as when he was a doorman. Jill did not fail the company’s trust and became a perfect part of the event. Since then, his work has remained the same, and it has not caused any waves.

After 35 years of conscientious work, Jill finally ushered in the day of retirement. He thought he would leave the market in such a bleak manner, but unexpectedly, the company gave him a big surprise.

The leader held a grand farewell banquet for him alone, and praised Jill at the banquet: Jill has been in the company for 35 years. During this period, he has seen the changes in the company and the price of art Ups and downs, but never lost the heart to treat customers warmly. Not only that, the leader also announced on the spot that Jill will retire as a “vice president” and enjoy a pension at the vice president level and various benefits.

The story of such a humble person is always more touching than the successful case of a wealthy son. Jill finally set a great example to young people: Treat work and life with enthusiasm and sincerity, and life will not treat you badly. In fact his story is very inspiring; it makes people reevaluate the definition of success. Success does not just mean wealth, power and fame, it also simply means one can enjoy and try their best to fulfill the responsibilities one has in their life.

One May Distinguish Himself In Every Walk Of Life




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