Praying for the World: A Post-Pandemic Movement by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Praying for the World: A Post-Pandemic Movement by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

It has been nearly three years since the COVID-19 pandemic broke throughout the world. Statistics tell us at least 201 countries and regions across the globe reported confirmed cases, accumulating to more than 620 million cases, over 6 million of which resulted in death. The coronavirus pandemic created chaos in the world order, directly affecting the health of hundreds of millions of people and resulting in fumbled responses early on from some of the world’s best-equipped countries.

Strict lockdown measures were implemented to stem the spread of the disease, and the resulting interruption to human travel, financial systems, and logistics of all areas resulted in broad and serious consequences to the economy, culture, travel, education, medical systems, mental health, social habits, and overall wellbeing. As the world stepped up to fight the pandemic, resources and people were mobilized in countries of every size to find solutions—large and small—that solve the many pandemic-related concerns we now face.

National medical systems treated the sick as private-sector pharma rushed to develop vaccines, treatments, medications and medical equipment. Governments issued emergency relief funds while churches and non-profits turned their attention to addressing the need for medical supplies. The goal was a unified one—to stop the virus from spreading and ending life. 

The Buddhist community responded in kind as COVID-19 began to ravage communities in every country. The Pope of World Buddhism, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, took the lead to donate protective and pandemic-fighting supplies to public service organizations and hospitals. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said to people, “The emergence of the pandemic is due to cause and effect. There have been many pandemics of different types and forms in the history of human society. Covid-19 is a contagious pandemic, which means it is infectious. It can morph into different variations due to changes in human body and the weather conditions and cause new infections to people. That, however, will result in the generation of anti-bodies in humans. Although this disease cannot be fully exterminated, vaccines can be quite effective in protecting humans. Therefore, don’t stress out, and don’t worry. Do what the government asks you to do.  Follow the government’s regulations. Get vaccinated so that you can protect yourself and your family. Do know that humans will not be stopped by the pandemic. At the end, everything will be reopened, because the nation will not be stopped, and the world will not be stopped.”

As foretold by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, humans have gradually developed anti-bodies and vaccines and treatments have arrived. Global pandemic prevention policies continue to evolve, and the pandemic started to ease in 2021. In September of 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters that, “although we are not there yet, the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight.” 

The World Buddhism Association Headquarters is a non-profit religious organization in the United States which has many branch Buddhist organizations, associations, Buddhism-learning academies, temples, Dharma centers, and Dharma-listening locations in the world. The purpose of the association is to spread the pure and supreme Buddha’s teachings and Dharma voices of Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Namo Shakyamuni Buddha to Buddhists, promoting that people abide by these teachings to do good deeds, give, practice compassion, abstain from bad deeds, and commit to all good conduct. By altruistically contributing and dedicating oneself to the nation and society, the world can be filled with auspiciousness. 

With Buddhist Dharma assemblies on specific Buddhist occasions, attendees chant Buddhist Sutras, prostrate themselves and pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to grant blessings and protections to all. The holy birthday of Medicine Guru Buddha—known by many names and the Lord of the Pure Lapis Lazuli World of the East—lands on the 29th day of the 9th month in the lunar calendar. The Medicine Buddha made twelve great vows and vowed to cure diseases and pain for living beings of the worlds in ten directions in their current lifetime, to let living beings obtain happiness and peace of mind, to increase living beings’ fortune and longevity, and to guide living beings to liberation. All Buddhists respect and admire Medicine Guru Buddha for His vows and their effect on current beings.

In accordance, the World Buddhism Association Headquarters held two Dharma events on October 29 and October 30 to honor Namo Medicine Buddha’s holy birthday. On October 29th, a Dharma Assembly was held in the inner bay of Marian Del Ray, California to release captured lives in observance of the Buddha-Stipulated Day of Releasing Lives. October 30th, the Dharma Assembly convene to respectfully celebrate the birthday of Namo Medicine Buddha at the Holy Miracles Temple in Pasadena, California. Several hundred Buddhists from across the world attended, including holy gurus, eminent monastics, rinpoches, acaryas, Dharma-listening masters, and householders. 

The Holy Miracles Temple is owned by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters. It is a temple where authentic Buddha Dharma is practiced and where many real Buddha Dharma’s holy feats have been manifested and shown to the world.

Within the temple, the Grand Hall of Shakyamuni Buddha is presently the only Inner-Tantric Mandala in the world—a place where Two Great Dharma Requirements have been met. Within the hall, the Pope of World Buddhism Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has presided over many significant holy Dharma Assemblies which manifested the powers of Buddha Dharma, transmitted unparalleled Buddha Dharmas to disciples, and imparted the universal truth. His Holiness illuminates the grand path to liberation that encompasses both the practices of cultivation and Dharma.

Among the temple’s other wonders is the Hall of Buddha Dipankara and the Holy Hall of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. On March 7, 2014, the Holy Blessing Dharma Assembly was held in the place that is now the Hall of Buddha Dipankara to celebrate the First Issue of Imparting the Absolute Truth Through Heart Sutra, a Buddhist Sutra imparted by Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. There, onlookers witnessed a number of Buddhas bestow holy amritas of three different colors, shining down through the roof, passed through a crystal bowl cover into the empty Dharma Bowl. 

Today, the Hall of Buddha Dipankara is a sanctuary for Buddhists to light lamps in offering and increase their merits. Great Holy Gurus, Holy Gurus, and Dharma masters chant mantras, read out Buddhist Sutras, and practice Dharmas to pray for and bless lamp lighters. It is said, when one lights the bright lamp of blessing in front of Buddha Dipankara in the holy hall where amritas were once bestowed, the blessings power outshines that of any brought by lamps lit in common-place halls.  

Hall of Buddha Dipankara in Holy Miracle Temple

In the Holy Hall of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, the holy statue of Namo Great Compassionate Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara is placed for people to worship. In this hall, the body of Shengzun Yinhai, a noted disciple of Namo H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, was placed after his passing. During the month his body resided in the hall in the Holy Miracles Temple, a series of divine transformations and holy feats took place. His body transformed as, from the tenth day of his passing, the wrinkles on his visage began to disappear and his bones and muscles began grew fuller. His complexion was rosy once more and his hair and fingernails continued to grow. Shengzun Yinhai transformed and realized a non-decaying vajra body—a state never before witnessed in Buddhist history. This transformation marked a new holy chapter in the history of Buddhist accomplishments after passing, and the western media was quick to report on the media.

The Dharma Assembly to Respectfully Celebrate the Buddha’s Birthday of Namo Medicine Buddha was held in the Grand Hall of Shakyamuni Buddha of the Holy Miracles Temple on October 30. The Vice Chairperson of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters and also the Honorable Chairperson of the International Buddhism Sangha Association, Jiaozun Zhengda, who is a holy guru of Gold Button Level II, together with the Abbot of the Hua Zang Si Temple, Ruzun Ruohui, a holy guru of Gold Button Level I, as well as the Abbot of the Sanger Mission Bodhi Monastery, Dharma Master Juehui presided over the Dharma ceremony. Notable holy gurus, eminent monks and nuns, and monastics led the Buddhist chanting. The attendees chanted the Bhaisajya Guru Vaidurya Prabha Raja Sutra—The Medicine Guru Vaidurya Prabha Tathagata’s Fundamental Vows Merit Sutra—in synchronicity. 

With praises to the Buddha and offerings made to the Buddha, the two Dharma events included chanting the sutra and the mantras as well as releasing lives. The assembly returned the merits to and prayed for the living beings in the world, praying to Namo Medicine Buddha and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions to give blessings and to protect living beings so that the pandemic is eradicated from the world, peace and friendship persist internationally, the world rids itself of calamity and all enjoy good fortune, health, and longevity. 

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Praying for the World: A Post-Pandemic Movement by the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Link: http://Hall of Buddha Dipankara

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A Tremendously Holy Feat Manifested At the Holy Heavenly Lake Where the Buddhist City Will Be Established

A Tremendously Holy Feat Manifested At the Holy Heavenly Lake Where the Buddhist City Will Be Established

At February 14, 2019. The City of Hesperia where the Holy Heavenly Lake is located held a public hearing to discuss the matter of building the Buddhist City at the Holy Heavenly Lake and subdividing the land for various Buddhist sects to build temples in the city. The result was that the city agreed to let the project move forward. 

At the very next day February 15th, when the bright sun was shining in the sky, it was suddenly reported that at the riverbed above the underground river at the Holy Heavenly Lake, huge waves were seen flowing very fast from south to north. The magnitude of the water flow was inconceivably large. The river’s width was similar to that of the Yangtze River (the longest and largest river in China). The color of the river was transparently blue, resembling that of the Danube River. Seeing the rushing billows with the rapid torrents, many people were very astounded and did not know how to react. They were speculating but did not know what kind of situation might occur after all.

Huge rushing waves in the river
The water surface that is as wide as the Yangtze River, taken from the shore of the Holy Heavenly Lake

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said at that time, “You do not know the situation but you don’t have to worry. This is a greatly auspicious precursor. There will not be any harm or damage done in the Holy Heavenly Lake where buildings and temples are to be constructed, or to the nearby places where people inhabit. Now the only thing to be done is to inform the World Buddhism Association Headquarters since they will build the temple there. They should send people to record the holy feat.”

We asked about why this is called a holy feat. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “You were already told last year that the Holy Heavenly Lake is a holy site. Below the Holy Heavenly Lake, there is an underground river going from the south to the north, which is as wide as the Yangtze River. At that time, there were evil and demonic persons who slandered us to say that what we said was a rumor. For that, some people brought up scientific evidence to tell them that one of the world’s only two big underground rivers going from the south to the north is truly under the Holy Heavenly Lake. They were also told that there is a crystal lake with crystal gems lying 450 feet below the ground. But how could people with karmic hindrances believe my words? They are obstructed by dark karma and do not even believe science. You can think for yourself and then answer me: Why does clear water suddenly flow rapidly today with waves lifted by its billows over the riverbed above the underground river, although the riverbed has been dried for many years? What is the reason? It runs northward like an endless tide from a river of hundreds of miles in length. What holy, pure karmic condition can cause it after all?”

At this time, a Shangzun replied to His Holiness the Buddha, “Is this a river that holds the water flowing from the heavenly river into the big underground river at the entrance on the ground surface? This is truly a joyful celebration and an act of praise by the nagas and heavenly dharmapalas. The cause of it is an event that happened on February 14, 2019. The City of Hesperia where the Holy Heavenly Lake is located held a public hearing to discuss the matter of building the Buddhist City at the Holy Heavenly Lake and subdividing the land for various Buddhist sects to build temples in the city. The result was that the city agreed to let the project move forward. The nagas and heavenly dharmapalas are very pleased and give their praises!”

Following His Holiness the Buddha’s Dharma decree, we went to the shores of the Holy Heavenly Lake. All we heard was the rushing, pounding waves. It was really like what His Holiness the Buddha said. We saw the large river, just like the Yangtze River, appearing above ground in Holy Heavenly Lake. The river was flowing northward, with a huge volume of water in surging billows and waves at a very rapid speed,  taking away the remnants and dead leaves from the lakeside. There was no harm done to the trees and buildings at all, nor was there any damage to the houses across the river. The video also captured a rainbow.

The meeting was held on the first day, and the nagas and dharmapalas showed their praises through this tremendously holy manifestation on the next day. We believe that the Buddhist City at the Holy Heavenly Lake will fulfill the myriad wishes and bring about prosperity in every undertaking!

A Tremendously Holy Feat Manifested At the Holy Heavenly Lake Where the Buddhist City Will Be Established on February 15th 2019

A Tremendously Holy Feat Manifested At the Holy Heavenly Lake Where the Buddhist City Will Be Established



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United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters Announcement 20170101: The Result From The Holy Test Is Published

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters Announcement 20170101: The Result From The Holy Test Is Published

To help Buddhist cultivators select a kind and knowledgeable guru from whom they can learn, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters has held public exams to people of the master level for two years. We wanted to select someone virtuous, who practices cultivation, who has dharma power, and who knows Buddha Dharma. There have been a total of 11,657 Buddhists from all over the world who came to register for the test, including Dharma listening masters, Dharma transmitting masters, the venerable ones, dharma kings, rinpoches, dharma masters, and laymen. Three thousand two hundred seventy-three people formally entered the written test on Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra, consisting of one hundred problems, and there were only 1,085 people who had the final qualification for taking the holy examination.

This Headquarters held the holy test on the foundation of the one-hundred-question written test on Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra. Those questions test the correct understanding and correct teaching of Sutra, Vinaya, and Sastra. Now we show a few example items as follows: 

  1. Are the viewpoints of Buddhism the same as those of the other religions? Is Buddhism a god-worshiping system (神仰論)? Or is it not a god-worshiping system (非神仰論)?
  2. What is the relationship between the power of prajna wisdom and mantras?
  3. Explain the origin and effects of concentration and wisdom.
  4. Briefly describe the theoretical concepts of Prajna (般若), Madhyamaka (中觀) and Kosa (具舍); what are their commonality and contradictions?
  5. Describe the pros and cons of 1. The view of total annihilation and 2. The view of permanence. Which way is accurate?
  6. What differentiates the esoteric sect from the exoteric sect?
  7. Briefly explain beliefs, vow, practice, precept, concentration, and wisdom.
  8. What is the goal of Zen meditation? What exactly is to obtain?
  9. What constitutes the Three Spheres (三界)? What is the Dharma Sphere (法界)?
  10. What is the cause within the effect* (果中之因)?
  11. What is the mind of false thoughts (妄念心)? What is the state of prajna wisdom (般若智境)?
  12. Explain why the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation surpasses the fast track of attaining accomplishment by way of Zen, Pure-land, and Esoteric Buddhism.
  13. Explain what exactly is attaining Buddhahood in Bardo (中陰成佛) of the Intermediate Existence Dharma Gate (中有教授).
  14. What is the Unconditioned Dharma (無為法)? What is Conditioned Dharma (有為法)?
  15. Explain the effects of the Dharmas Fangyankou (放焰口lit. almsgiving to hungry ghosts), Homa Fire Offering (?護摩火供), Rite of Water and Land (水陸法會), Chöd (施身法), and Vajra Faman (金剛法曼)
  16. What are the views regarding liberation for the Consciousness Only Dharma Characteristics School (唯識法相)? What are the differences among the Huayan School (華嚴宗aka. Avatamsaka), the Vinaya School (律宗), and the Agama School (阿含宗)?
  17. What does each of these terms mean: Dead Emptiness* (頑空), Small Emptiness (小空), Grand Emptiness (大空), Empty Emptiness* (空空), Emptiness of Annihilation (寂滅空), True Emptiness (真空), or the Eighteen types of Emptiness (十八空)?
  18. What is the evidential measure* (現量) and inferential measure* (比量) of hetu vidya? What are the wisdom of the known state (已知境智) and the wisdom of the unknown state (未知境智)? What is the non-duality wisdom* (無二智)?
  19. List the Five Initiations of Esoteric Buddhism. In each of them, who is the administer of the initiation? Are they inner tantric, outer tantric, or holy tantric?
  20. Describe in general what Zen, Concentration, Samatha (Cessation), and Vipassana (Contemplation) are. What are the effects of the Four Levels of Zen Meditation and the Eight Levels of Concentration (四禪八定)? What are the effects of the Three Bodies and the Four Wisdoms (三身四智)?
  21. Explain in detail what the View of Natural Wisdom* (自然智見), the View of External Emptiness* (他空見), the Emptiness of Self (我空) vs. the Emptiness of Dharma (法空), and the Emptiness of Others (人空) vs. the Emptiness of Dharma (法空) are. What are the differences? Which sects or schools are they originated from?
  22. What commentaries did each of Nagarjuna (龍樹), Aryadeva (提婆), Dinnaga (陳那), Candrakīrti (月稱), Vasubandhu (世親), Asanga (無著), Sankarasvamin (商羯羅), and Buddhapālita (佛護) primarily write? What are the primary viewpoints in each of those commentaries? 

Having answered the one hundred problems in the written test, one can then enter the holy test. In the Holy TestFamen Gongyu (法門宮羽) is used as the Zejue (i.e., Determination by Holy Selection) Dharma to determine the qualification of the person. The central part of the test takes place in the Samsara Eight-wind Array and the Vajra Array, which can be either the grand array or the lesser array. The Holy Test of the Eight-wind Array or the Vajra Array is witnessed by seven holy masters and ten witnesses, as well as many other disciples who are also taking the test. The test is conducted in the conditions of collectiveness, openness, fairness, and equality. It is just like having a rock on the ground where everyone can try to pick it up equally. Some people can pick it up in the first and second times but fail in the third time, some can pick it up for the first time but cannot do it the second time, and some cannot even pick it up for the first time. 

For example, we encircle a parcel of land that is about 20,000 square feet with a rope. Although only a string separates the area and everyone can see the ground very clearly, some test candidates who have enough levels can walk in, but others who do not have enough levels cannot step beyond the rope. Some may even collapse in a faint outside the land before the string. All the test candidates can watch and monitor one another. 

The various guru levels or levels of holiness and virtue identified as a result of the test by the array formation include Gold Button Level 3, which is a Great Holy and Virtuous One, such as Wangzha Shangzun. Wangzha Shangzun presided over the entire test on site of the array. A person of Gold Button Level 3 is called Shangzun and belongs to the Great Holy Virtuous Class. They are a non-retrograde Bodhisattva. They do not need to take the test, but since Wangzha Shangzun is the one administering the tests on-site of the array, to lead by example, He proactively requested to take the test. 

A person of Gold Button Level 2 is called Jiaozun and belongs to the Holy and Virtuous Class. One who is of Gold Button Level 1 is called Ruzun and also belongs to the Holy and Virtuous Class. Below the Gold Button levels are the Blue Button levels, the highest of which is Blue Button Level 3 with Two Black Buttons and is called Dade (pronounced as dah-duh), or a Great Virtuous One. The next level down is Blue Button Level 3 with One Black Button; It is called Xuande (pronounced as shu-ann-duh); the next level down is Blue Button Level 3 and is called Runde (pronounced as ru-en-duh), the next one down is Blue Button Level 2 and is called Zengde (pronounced as zeng-duh), the next one down is Blue Button Level I and is called Xingde (pronounced as shing-de). It is already not easy to have the suffix ‘de’ in one’s title, which means the virtuous one in Chinese. There is no more level below Xingde, and the range of guru’s qualifications ends. Even those people who are a Xingde, who have only passed for Blue Button Level 1, must have made evident gains in their learning from Buddha and cultivation, or they must have a Dharma-listening center to benefit people. They must do good deeds and have good virtue to be a Xingde. Therefore, even though they are only at Blue Button Level 1, they are also worthy of people to learn from them. 

On December 31, 2016, the tests which had been held in public by the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters for two years formally ended, and no more registration will be accepted for the test. What we are especially telling people is that only Shangzun, the Great Bodhisattva of Gold Button Level 3, and all levels above are non-retrograde. Other than Them, all others can regress in their learning from Buddha and practice of cultivation by falling in the 128 evil and erroneous views. Therefore, this Headquarters will hold random drawings for annual re-examination. The purpose of doing that is to guarantee the safety of those who learn from Buddha and practice cultivation to guard them against being misled by a retrograde master. 

At present, there is only one Shangzun of the Great Holy and Virtuous Class who is spreading the Dharma in the world, and He is Wangzha Shangzun, the Great Holy and Virtuous One. All other Shangzuns are not publicly spreading Buddha Dharma. In terms of the Jiaozun Class, there are only two who have passed that level. Both of them are propagating the Dharma, but they do not have any disciple. For the Holy and Virtuous Ruzuns, there are only four of them, and only one has disciples and is spreading the Dharma. The other three do not have any disciple. For the Dades, or those who have passed for Blue Button Level 3, there are only two of them, and they both are doing Buddhist work. None of them has any disciple. There are seven who passed Blue Button Grade III with One Black Button. Except for two who are doing Buddhist work without having any disciple, the other five have disciples and have set up Dharma-listening centers. There are thirteen who passed Blue Button Level 3. All of them have disciples and have set up Dharma-listening centers. Fifty-eight people passed Blue Button Level 2. They all set up Dharma-listening centers, and basically, all have disciples. Very many passed Blue Button Level 1. Some have disciples, and some only have Dharma-listening centers. 

Wangzha Shangzun specially admonishes the masters who have passed the levels: “First, congratulations on your obtaining various levels from the test. However, I must caution you one thing. Why is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III against determining one’s level using the holy test as a final means? I have now realized that, even though the Holy Test can determine the class of one’s guru qualification most accurately through the holy selection and it has made contributions to guarding Buddhist cultivators against evil masters and swindlers, it is impossible for a master to attain accomplishment through it. If you want to attain accomplishment and be liberated, you must listen to the Dharma impartation by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, you must understand the Buddha books by His Holiness the Buddha, and you must cultivate yourself and learn Dharma according to the teachings. Only then can you attain accomplishment. Remember, you are a Buddhist. That is, you are the disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha and Buddhas in the ten directions. I am not your master of levels. I, too, am cultivating myself, following the teachings of my benevolent Dorje Chang Buddha Master and Shakyamuni Buddha. Therefore, I hope that you all do everything that is good and not do anything that is bad and really abide by Buddha’s teachings to cultivate yourself and benefit all living beings. Only so can you finally attain accomplishment and liberation, and that is the ultimate purpose.” 

People be aware! If you find someone who has taken the test but does not wear Dharma attire with the corresponding level buttons, then it says this master has regressed. He or she is not one who truly practices cultivation and learns from Buddha but is a cheater who deceives people under the disguise of Buddhism! It is because this master is worried that his or her disciples could see he or she doesn’t really have a high level, which is not the same as what he or she had bragged about him or herself before. They will find that this master is already a retrograde cheater in nature. That is why he or she does not wear the attire with the corresponding level buttons completely and hopes he or she can last as long as possible and deceive as many people as possible. Also, in another case, some people had registered for the test but never dared to show up. Some people took the written test but failed so miserably and did not qualify to enter the main examination. Therefore, they have no corresponding level button to wear. Those people do not belong in the range of guru qualifications. We hope they can continue to strive forward and become a virtuous one someday soon. 

To prevent some masters from committing the evil conduct where they purposely do not wear the corresponding level buttons so that they can deceive disciples by faking to be real or high level but are false and low level, this Headquarters now publish the result from the holy test. You can inquire at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters about the tangible results of those ones of virtue from the test starting from January 15, 2017. The inquiry telephone number is +1-626-789-1001, and the inquiry email is

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

January 1, 2017

(Translated by Zunba; last edited 2020-05-30)

Translator’s note: (*) requires further confirmation in word choices

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The definitive sense of the level from the test and the robe that indicate one’s Dharma capability and accompolishment

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

Announcement No. 20160102: The definitive sense of the level from the test and the robe that indicate one’s Dharma capability and accomplishment

To protect Buddhist disciples from falling prey to deceit and lies, it is decreed that the master, whom Buddhist disciples prostrate themselves to, must take the test to determine their status. The test tells whether they are holy or ordinary and what level of accomplishment they have attained. The test result is given per the Dharma rather than the person; It is based on the definitive meaning, not the provisional meaning. No matter how high the status a Buddhist holy person is, it only counts if they have taken the test. If they dare not take the test, it proves that there are severe problems with that master, whom you must not trust even if their fame is higher than the sky.

Unless being determined by the exam, no matter what a venerable, dharma king or a certified reincarnated rinpoche one professes to be is not trustable. Additionally, a person can gain or recede according to whether their cultivation is good or bad before reaching the stage of a non-retrograde Bodhisattva. Consequently, they don’t have the definitive status of accomplishment, even if they may have the nirvana path-fruit (泥丸道果), had their crown opened deep and wide via the Vajra Change-body Zen (金剛換體禪), can show the Tummo Samadhi (拙火三昧) power, can have their consciousness exit the body, or can practice a Dharma to invite a Bodhisattva to manifest holiness and empower the disciples.

The Vajra Faman Selection Dharma (金剛法曼擇決), the Knowing in Advance and Foretelling Dharma (先知預言), or the Selection From One Hundred Dharma Bright Gates in Total Darkness Dharma (百法明門黑關擇決) must be performed to verify a master’s status and realization capability with 100% certainty. Otherwise, that master must have passed the test through the Vajra Array or the Eight-wind Array to get the corresponding level and the robe.

Unless that master can prove themselves by showing the even higher Dharma ability to Establish Mandala Through A Stone Slab (隔石建壇), or by being able to perform the Holy Inner-tantric Initiation, where the disciple holds a Vajra Ball that is as big as a pea in their hand and the master stands five meters away from the disciple. The master practices the Dharma to make the Vajra Ball in the hands of the disciple go through a holy transformation or dance. Any other miraculously manifested phenomenon is not a component of divine accomplishment. But to concretely tell the master’s level of capability, their level from the test and the robe must be checked for confirmation. Only then can their level of ability be known. The following are the details to ascertain the real status of a master definitively:

First, the people taking this year’s test to examine their actual Buddhist status must go through the one-hundred-problem written test on Sutra, Vinaya, and Sustra. Then they must be verified through Famen Gongyu (法門宮羽) to get the certificate of eligibility for the test before they can be qualified to take the holy test. If they can get the certificate of eligibility for the test, but their score from the written test is too low, they cannot take the holy test either.

There are two ways to take the holy test. The first is to write all your strong suits in one document and take one test on all of them. The second is to separately write your items and take a test on each one of them independently. Especially for Blue Button Level 3, which is a fundamental and critical level before advancing up to the Gold Button level, there can be three different types of indication. If one gets Blue Button Level 3 in one test, one can only get three blue buttons. If one retakes the test and gets Blue Button Level 3 again, then one will add a small black button in addition to the three blue buttons that one has already had. If one takes the test for the third time and gets Blue Button Level 3 again, then one adds yet another small black button. In that case, there will be three blue buttons and two little black buttons, totaling five buttons. The master is called Blue Button Level 3, having the status of the Runde.

If you still have more independent strong items that you would like to take the test on, in such a case, you cannot take the Blue Button test anymore. Instead, you will receive the advanced test for the Gold Button. You will then write all the items you have been tested on for the Blue Button Level 3 in one combined document and take the test for Gold Button Level 1 directly. If you fail to pass the Gold Button test, your previous Blue Button level will still be kept. If you pass the Gold Button test, then you will add one gold button to your robe, which maintains the original three blue buttons and two small black buttons, amounting to a total of six buttons. You will become a Holy and Virtuous One of Gold Button Level One.

If you see a master having only three blue buttons, it says that the master has only passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 once. If you see three blue buttons and an additional small black button, it says that the master has passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 twice on two separate items. If you see three blue buttons and two small black buttons, then it says that master has passed the test for Blue Button Level 3 three independent times, each on a different item. It is tough to obtain Blue Button Level 1 from the test. You may only be able to find one such person in two to three thousand Buddhist cultivators. Blue Button Level 2 is naturally higher than Blue Button Level 1, and all who have Blue Button Level 3 have the Runde status, which is extremely rare. It is hard to find one such person among one thousand masters or rinpoches. The Gold Button levels are the rarest among the rarest.

But all the masters taking the test must especially clearly understand that the headquarters has detailed records of everyone who comes to take the test for people to check. The Holy Test Inquiry Team will tell your test results factually to whoever is inquiring but will not expose your score from the written test on the Sutra, Vinaya, and Sustra. We will reply with how many times you have taken the test, and in each time which item you receive the test as well as what level you obtained, whether or not you were engulfed in the Samsara Black Region (輪迴黑界), whether you were unable to enter the Safe and Auspicious Region (平安吉界) that was right in front of you and fell to the ground or as soon as you had entered the Safe and Auspicious Region, you were pushed out of it by the eight winds, and whether you fell to the ground unconsciously and your flesh was hauled out by the four great guardians, but you recovered to safety by the master presiding over the mandala who practiced Dharma to save you.

Except for the robe a master wears, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters also issue a Certificate of Level that corresponds to the attire to the master who has achieved the level. If you find that the level and the certificate don’t match, then the robe the master wears is an act of falsehood and lying.

Additionally, we solemnly inform you that this holy and virtuous team will guarantee, with holy and virtuous righteousness, to everyone who calls or emails to inquire with us. We will keep the secret for you and will not reveal which master you are inquiring about or have inquired about.

This public announcement is now published.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

March 17, 2016

(translated by Zunba)

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Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

Holy Monk Yinhai

On January 15 2017, Elder Monk Yinhai, has left us after perfect practices. A top-level great holy monk has forever gone in the world. Under the condition of having no sign of sickness, the Elder Monk went into a perfect passing in a sudden. According to U.S. laws, a doctor must file a death certificate with the government. The doctor, however, could not find any sickness as the cause of death, so he just wrote the heart stopped according to what happened. 

Wangzha Shangzun had already predicted in public when the holy examinations ended on December 30th, 2016: “There is a holy monk who ever shone light from His nine burn-marks and broke the darkness of the room. He is the number one high monk in this world today, whom I respect the most. He will leave us in the middle of January next year. After his passing, a holy feat that has never happened in Buddhist history shall happen. That will be a great joyful matter and is worthy of joyful celebration.” 

Wangzha Shangzun wrote a praise verse especially:

Monk Yinhai has merits that shine brightly in the universe
His nine burn-marks emitted light that broke darkness in the room
A greatly compassionate Bodhi incluse who now is known to the world,
On His own will, He returned to the Upper Lotus of Ultimate Bliss
After Shengzun’s passing, His flesh transformed with holy miracle
Creating a new sacred chapter on passing in Buddhist history
Earlier we went to reclusive practice in the deep mountain cave together
Lately, we were both close to the Buddha to receive true teachings

—the humbled Buddhist disciple, Wangzha Gongbo, holding palms together. February 15, 2017

Chinese praise verse written by WangZha ShangZun

Besides composing and writing the praise verse, Shangzun also talked about the Elder Monk’s holy feats, explained that the Elder Monk’s greatly compassionate Bodhi merits shone in the universe and spread the dharmic connection to true Buddha Dharma for the human Saha world. He let Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings show their positive energy and bright light once again; He exposed the dirty phenomena where evil masters and charlatans were wreaking havoc when Buddha Dharma gradually became chaotic two thousand years after Shakyamuni Buddha’s time under the daylight. He allowed Buddhists to find the path to return to the true and correct teachings by the Buddha. 

After the holy monk’s perfect passing, even His fingers and nails continued to grow, showing a tremendous divine transformation in the flesh, which has never happened in Buddhist history. The holy feat manifest that is so majestic and wonderful created a new record in Buddhist history where, on the tenth day after the passing, the flesh and the bones started undergoing a complete change. In twenty days, the body transformed to another dharma image that is majestic beyond compare. The awe-inspiring holy feat the Elder Monk Yinhai left the human world indeed verified the prediction made by Wangzha Shangzun. 

After the Holy Monk entered nirvana, Buddhist disciples of the seven types guarded the Holy Monk’s flesh body at all times day and night. Each shift had between 8 to 16 persons chanting the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, without pausing for even one minute. Additionally, three high dharma assemblies were held every day at the site. From the tenth day, people began to see that the Elder Dharma Master’s flesh body was changing miraculously day by day and also emitted unique scent and light. Dharma Master Jue Hui, Dharma Master Long Hui, Dharma Master Xiangge Qiongwa, Dharma Master Ruo Hui, Dharma Master Miao Kong, Long Zhou Rinpoche, and others touched and pressed the Elder Monk’s flesh body by hand. They found that it was substantial and hard as a stone. They were all stunned and spoke with full praises. For that, Wangzha Shangzun was furious and scolded them, “This is total misbehavior. How could one touch and press the revered flesh body of the venerable holy one with one’s hand?” The dharma masters could only say that touching was permitted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Shang Zun did not know how to react and could only say, “You should read the article about what Lama Achuk told Ah Qiong Khempo. Then you will know why the flesh body cannot be touched. Fortunately, the holy venerable one’s stage and state of realization are truly very high. That is why there have not been many effects. Otherwise, this sole holy manifestation occurring for the first time in the history of Buddhism would no longer exist. You should never act so carelessly again.” 

Photo on the left was taken 11 hours after the Holy Monk entered nirvana, on the right was taken after 24 days

The professional staff at the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home also kept praising and said that it was amazing. Twenty days after the perfect passing, not only there are no more wrinkles, but also the bones and flesh have become quite full, and it looked like a completely different person. The fingers and nails have also grown longer. We have never seen it nor heard it, working here at the funeral home for twenty or thirty years. The great master practiced Buddhism too well!” 

Yinhai Shengzun, with such vast merits, had never touched fame, wealth, or power. He stayed reclusive in deep mountains. The Elder Monk wrote a verse to Wangzha Shangzun which says:

From ancient times, the holy ones often endured being alone.
Only those the recluse left their names.
Abstain from all that is evil, engage in all that is good
Sans evil or fraud, have a tremendous compassionate mind.
I am not one belonging to a sect.
Doing good deeds to attain merit is my dharma gate.
If you want the pure Buddha Dharma to reach the apex
Then follow me to take refuge in the Buddha’s School

(Buddha’s School is the religion that belongs to all Buddhas in the ten directions and is the true Buddhism of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is not the Buddha Dharma which sectarian people of later generations altered and added with their personal views. Buddha’s School directly belongs to Buddha and has no such things as lineages or sectarian systems.) 

The Elder Monk also told the Shangzun that the best and the highest Buddha Dharma for cultivation is the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation. When first meeting the Elder Monk, Wangzha Shangzun already observed in contemplation that His Holiness the Buddha had descended to the world. He asked the Elder Monk to help introduce him to the Buddha. The Elder Monk kindly declined the Shangzun’s request, citing that His Holiness the Buddha was still young at that time and had not started the karmic cause of spreading Buddha Dharma. It was not until ten years ago when the Shangzun finally followed Elder Dharma Master Yinhai to become a disciple of His Holiness the Buddha to learn Buddha Dharma and entered the School of Buddha, i.e., the authentic Buddha’s teaching which is not the sectarian Buddhism of any patriarch. It is the personal transmission and education that belongs directly to His Holiness the Buddha.

Shangzun said that He practiced Buddha Dharma in a reclusive cave deep in the mountains together with the Elder Monk Yinhai in the early years and learned a lot of things from Him. The Elder Monk had holy realization powers and the state of conducting Himself with great compassion and great wisdom, which cannot possibly be exhaustively told. Among the things that He learned from the Elder Monk was the formation of the Vajra Array. The Vajra of the Vajra Array does not belong to any one particular esoteric or exoteric school but directly pertains to the Buddha’s Buddhism. Take, for example, the Eight Great Vajras mentioned in the Diamond Sutra, or the Ucchusma Vajra of the Tang Esoteric Sect, or the Kalachakra Vajra and the Yamantaka Vajra of the Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. They are all contained in the meaning of the Dharma. Which sect or school would they belong to? It is not the Buddhism of any particular lineage. It is directly the authentic Buddhism. Therefore, it is the School of the Buddha that it belongs to, not any patriarchal sectarian lineage. 

The Elder Monk’s holy power is extreme. Wangzha Shangzun once saw by accident the nine burn-marks on the head of the Elder Monk emitting light rays, which brightened the dark retreat chamber as daylight. It allowed living beings of the non-human realms to raise to higher realms. That happened many years ago. Of late, He and the Elder Monk both got close to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. They received Buddhist highest State-Practice Initiation and the supreme Great Initiation of Buddha Bestowing Amrit. 

Shangzun said: “The Elder Monk is an exceedingly accomplished one from the combined practice of Mahamudra of Liberation and Great Compassionate Magnificent Ocean Red Avalokitesvara. He is a tremendously holy being who came to this world on His own will from the World of Ultimate Bliss. He has now returned to the Upper-Level Lotus Platform in the Pure Land. I am humbled by the level and the stage the Elder Monk has realized. The tremendous meritorious achievement He manifested with His flesh after His perfect passing has never happened in history. You can compare the pictures taken just eleven hours after His perfect passing and the ones taken about His miraculous transformation later. You can see right away that the miraculous transformation reaches such a magnificent and majestic degree, which has never happened in the entire history of the whole world. We can only say that it is terrific and dignified; it is an unparalleled holy feat; the source of true Buddha Dharma is there, and as such, all living beings are fortunate! This is the exact source of the true Dharma of the Tathagata. The holy feat of the miraculous transformation which the Elder Monk Yinhai manifests after His perfect passing lets people understand that the true Buddha Dharma, the great Dharma that allows people to attain liberation and accomplishment, is where H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is! 

Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana


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United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters Announcement 20150114

United International World Buddhism Association

Headquarters Announcement 20150114

The Great Venerable Wangzha Shagnzun said: “In an attempt to convince others, some individual unlawful masters falsely claim that they could perform inner-tantric Dharma or give holy inner-tantric initiation and that they could communicate with the Yidam and let the disciple who is receiving the initiation attain all accomplishments in a short time. The fact is, these self-bragging masters are not even approved by the Yidam of Famen Gongyu for entering the door themselves. You must know Famen Gongyu is not just for entering the door to the holy test. It is used as long as seeing and interacting with the Yidam and the Dharma Guardians are involved. If you want to receive and learn an inner-tantric initiation, you must be approved by the Yidam of Famen Gongyu for you to enter the gate as the first step. You can only learn the initiation if you have entered the inner-tantric palace. It is absolutely forbidden if you can’t even enter the door to the inner-tantric initiation but shamelessly claim to be a great holy guru and feign with fakeness, taking advantage of the vague and confusing concept of the holy guru status to deceive a lot of Buddhists.

To prevent evil master and liars from hurting living beings, the Headquarters has adopted the Divination and Divine Foretelling and Famen Gongyu, which are used in the holy test, to definitively establish the titles of masters for the different levels. Although we have published many public announcements to explain this serious issue about the guru titles for the different levels so far, some masters still go around pretending to be a great holy guru and deceiving people with their superficial titles, such as venerable, dharma king, rinpoche, or great dharma master. People fall in their traps even though their actual essence does not match the title of holy or great holy being that they profess to be.

At present, there are still some individual masters who do not really cultivate themselves or rigorously abide by the precepts. They know well that they do not have the three vidyas and the six dharmas* (三明六法), but they still pretend to be holy and falsely claim to be a holy being or great holy being. Buddhist cultivators, on the other hand, do not read the public announcements but only listen to the untrue bragging of these people. Therefore, they always end up being deceived, only to complain a lot afterward. It is they to blame because they never read the public announcements. That is why they are incorrigible because they are willing to fall into the trap of deceit. 

To completely put an end to the vile behaviors of those who cheat and hurt Buddhist disciples by feigning to be true and high but are fake and low, and by claiming to have realized the level but have not, you must first understand that a 100% pure holy guru must obtain their title and level through the test. 

This Headquarters confers authentic titles to those holy gurus who have passed the test and issues the holiness level certificates and the buttons to be worn on the Dharma robes according to the levels they attain in the holy test. The titles issued are the most standard and correct guru titles. Other than obtaining the titles through the holy test, only the titles obtained from the six categories of guru qualification such as the Dharma of Knowing in Advance and Foretelling, or the Dharma of Vajra Faman which is used to determine matters regarding the supreme holy, can be considered definitive and standard. Except these, anyone who is a certified reincarnation from a patriarch or a dharma king, a great dharma king, or a great rinpoche cannot be a true and certain holy guru! 

The titles of the levels we publish today are based on the reasoning of the teachings and chosen by Divination and Divine Foretelling and Famen Gongyu that are employed in the holy test. These titles are definitive: Blue Button Level 1 is called Xingde (pronounced like shing-duh); Blue Button Level 2 is called Zengde (pronounced like zeng-duh); Blue Button Level 3 is called Runde (pronounced like ruen-duh). Blue Button Levels 1 to 2 can be called master. As the Chinese proverb says: “Among every three people there must be one whom I can learn from,” because he or she is good at something to teach others. Blue Button Level 3 is defined according to the Dharma rule as a Vajra Master; Gold Button Level 1 is defined according to the Dharma rule as Ruzun (pronounced as ru-zuen), Gold Button Level 2 is defined according to the Dharma rule as Jiaozun (pronounced as jiao-zuen), Gold Button Level 3 is defined according to the Dharma rule as Shangzun (pronounced as shah-ng-zuen), Gold Button Level 4 is defined according to the Dharma rule as Taizun (pronounced as ty-zuen), and Gold Button Level 5 is defined according to the Dharma rule as Shengzun (pronounced as sheng-zuen). 

This Headquarters beseeched H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for His approval with the titles defined according to the Dharma rule. His Holiness the Buddha said: “I am not going to take part in the work of setting up the titles for the masters by your Headquarters. As long as it is an undertaking that is benefiting people, you do it! Establishing these titles according to the Dharma rule to prevent those impostor masters from hurting people and to protect living beings is quite good. It is an action of correct karma.” 

From now on, you must not call someone with the nondefinitive and confusing titles of venerable, dharma king, or rinpoche in person or in writing when it comes to calling someone who has a level, because those titles are vague and nondefinitive concept. Who knows if the person is a holy guru, or what kind of holy guru they are! If people continue using such non-definitive titles, these people must be evil people who intentionally help the demon in hurting living beings. All Buddhists must respect what is decreed by the holy Dharma and not aide the evil to cheat people. You must use the Dharma-decreed titles in your calling. If you do not use the Dharma-decreed titles in your calling, you have committed the vile act of disdaining the Three Jewels, because these Dharma-decreed titles are established using Divination and Divine Foretelling and Famen Gongyu. Only when these titles are fixed can those who have an evil mind to fake as holy be prevented from cheating and confusing the world by pretending to be holy and high-level with ordinary and low-level. 

You must pay special attention. Up till now, there has not been one Ruzun of Gold Button Level 1, Jiaozun of Gold Button Level 2, Shangzun of Gold Button Level 3, Taizun of Gold Button Level 4 (an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva), or Shengzun of Gold Button Level 5 (a Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattva) who is publicly propagating Dharma in the world. Therefore, you can say people cannot meet a Taizun or a Shengzun at all. That is because the good retributions and karmic conditions of living beings are not there. 

The exaggeration of some famous people in the society where they make the pretense of a Marvelous Enlightenment Bodhisattva or an Equal Enlightenment Bodhisattva is 100% deceitful. They are not the reincarnation of any Bodhisattva at all. Where is their achievement in Five Vidyas? They completely violate the stipulation that says “Bodhisattvas are to be found in Five Vidyas” by Shakyamuni Buddha. Even a great rinpoche who is a reincarnated patriarch from thousands of years ago may not be a true holy guru, because the Buddhist history is, all the same, rife with uncertainty and unreal falsity. The title of a Great Holy Guru is not a vague concept. A Great Holy Guru must be a Shangzun of Gold Button Level 3. A Tremendously Holy Guru must be a Taizun of Gold Button Level 4 or a Shengzun of Gold Button Level 5. Anyone who has not realized the status of Shangzun but falsely claims to be a great holy guru must be a master who has regressed and become evil! 

Buddhist disciples! Everything is dependent on the levels as indicated on the robe the master wears. Based on that, you can know how to call the master without violating the precepts. We hope you all read this public announcement well, lest you should fall prey to the deceit of the individual bad people! The Headquarters cannot do much for Buddhist disciples, but we disapprove of anything thing that violates the law of causality! Therefore, we must issue this solemn public announcement! 

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters


September 30, 2015

*translator’s note: the English translation of this phrase needs further confirmation

(English translation by Zunba)

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