The caterpillar and the old cricket

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The caterpillar and the old cricket

There was a caterpillar in the flowers, it laid lazily in the grass and did not like to move. An old cricket advised him: “Children should be up for activities. Isn’t there a saying that life is movement!”
The caterpillar glanced at the cricket and replied, “I don’t need to move, all I need is to stay safe and stable, soon I will become a beautiful butterfly.
A dragonfly flew over and said to the caterpillar, “Ah, I have never seen such an ugly butterfly like you. Do not get lazy, get up and exercise, it is good for you.” The caterpillar did not move, it even closed its eyes. It said, “No matter how much you look down on my body, the fact of my becoming a butterfly will never be changed. So why do I need to move, isn’t it fine that I just quietly wait to become a butterfly?” After having said so, the caterpillar laid motionlessly in the grass and comfortably basked in the sun.
Soon the caterpillar was wrapped in a cocoon, inside which its body did not want to move, and it slept all day long. One day, it awoke and found itself a butterfly. It happily wanted to break free of the
cocoon, but the cocoon shell did not even budge under its impact. It followed with several more impacts and felt pain over its whole body. So it did not feel like breaking the cocoon and closed its eyes to sleep.

At this time a thump sounded from outside, the old cricket calling from without, “Child, put effort into getting out of the cocoon, otherwise you will die inside.” The caterpillar shrugged and didn’t take it seriously; it thought that the old cricket was really nosy. Inside, the cocoon is safe and comfortable, why do I need to exert my effort to get out of it, will the outside world be safer and more comfortable than inside? Therefore, no matter how hard the old cricket knocked, it did not respond and continued to sleep comfortably.

However, not long after, it discovered that breathing was getting difficult. Its body size was becoming bigger yet the cocoon was shrinking. It became scared and put strength into struggling. But it had no strength left and air decreased inside the cocoon.
It had no strength for even a few movements, and its breathing became more difficult. At death’s door, the caterpillar finally realized that although one’s destiny is foreordained, it is through one’s self-effort that it can be fulfilled.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on

The caterpillar and the old cricket



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