Blessings from Buddha

Blessings from Buddha

It was April 2015. My stomach suddenly became harder and harder, and it swelled noticeably after eating. A colleague suffered from colorectal cancer and also had a hard stomach. I quickly went to the hospital for examination.

After the CT scan, the doctor said that the initial diagnosis was a liver tumor that was suspected to be cancerous, so emergency surgery was necessary. When I heard this result, I felt my heart racing. I thought that this was my karma and I should suffer it if I need to. If I didn’t die, I would be reprimanded.

At that time, I often went to the Sanger Mission Temple to listen to the dharma courses of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. I understood some truths about karma. So I accepted it calmly without complaining to others, and actively cooperated with the doctor’s treatment. A highly skilled Indonesian doctor took the lead for my surgery. She is the second best doctor in Southern California. She said: “Your liver tumor has a layer of membrane wrapped with bad things. We just need to take out the cyst and we don’t need to cut the liver, so it won’t hurt the liver. After doing so many operations, this is the second strangest example I have ever seen. The doctor asked “Are you a Buddhist?”

Even more strange is that despite the anesthesia effects after the operation, I seem to have temporarily lost the pain. The doctor prescribed morphine to relieve the pain, but I didn’t use it because I didn’t feel any pain at all. After the operation, I spoke as usual, full of energy. On the fourth day after the operation, a sister came to visit me and said that the monks in Sanger Mission had not seen me for a while and knew about my situation. So they recited the Sutra in the morning and night, then they transferred their merits to me.

The power of Buddhism and the power of recitation of the Sutra are incredible. My operation went well and the wound healed quickly. A week later, I walked very fast, and I didn’t look like someone who had undergone surgery! After several months of observation, the doctor determined that my tumor was benign and he ruled out the possibility of cancer.

The Buddha and Bodhisattva have saved my life twice, and I am truly grateful.

Blessings from Buddha


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