Senior Monk Yinhai Has Only Done One Thing

Holy Monk Yinhai

Senior Monk Yinhai Has Only Done One Thing

The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters Announcement 20170105

A great holy virtuous one wrote the following edifying discourse. It is very precise and wonderful, and right to the point. The arguments are not common, proving Him as a Shangzun of Gold Button Level 3! This Headquarters now publishes the original text in the following.

I will say a few sentences today. Originally all the dharma affairs pertaining to the passing of the Senior Monk Yinhai were supposed to be handled with me in total charge and a few dharma brothers including Mozhi and Tongstan assisting me, but dharma brother Wangzha asked me to let him handle them. As such, dharma brother Wangzha wound up being in full responsibility for arranging the dharma affairs including the one hundred holy dharma assemblies.

A lot of people are making their separate praises about the passing of the holy monk Yinhai but what they say are only mundane arguments about the greatness of the sacred incident and do not mention the fundamentals. Even the World Buddhism Association Headquarters only talked about what transpired in the process of the holy state. Some even uttered absurdly: “How come I had never heard about this venerable holy one? There isn’t such a person, is there?” Well, there are a lot of highly capable persons that you have never heard about where H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is. For example, you don’t even know who I am! Do you know the names of every high-level person in the British royal family? How many are out there who have royal blood? How could you be qualified to know it if you don’t even have the composition of the royal blood!

Photo on the left was taken 11 hours after the Holy Monk entered nirvana, on the right was taken after 24 days

Some even denigrated the world’s top-level Holy Monk Yinhai (Shengzun) by calling him a great learned one, a high monk, a great virtuous one, one with great achievements, or dharma master. Some say: “…his body laid open for a month after his passing, without being frozen. It was open for the public to get close to and view and people could chant and prostrate to it. Not only it didn’t give out any fetid odor; it instead emitted light and sweet smell. The body became very hard, proving him to be a high monk of a generation…” That is enough of praise to a high monk of the usual but is not the right thing to say about Senior Monk Yinhai. The holy manifestation by Senior Monk Yinhai is unprecedented in history. Why did they must use the words for regular high monks!

There are even those who are so stupid to say: “If Senior Monk Yinhai is a holy monk, why did he need to rely on people practicing dharma and chanting?” I tell you very clearly. Those people who were chanting could not compare to a single hair of Senior Monk Yinhai’s. Their chanting Buddha’s name and the sutras are to accomplish their provisions on the path by using the blessings on site given by the senior monk. How could it possibly be that the senior monk would need the people of five dirtiness and stinky skins like you! On the days commemorating Shakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, or Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva for accomplishing enlightenment or obtaining nirvana, the ordinary people need to attend a grand dharma assembly where they can chant Buddha’s name, chant sutras, chant mantras, make offerings, return merits or pray. Would Buddha or Bodhisattva need those ordinary people to chant for them? Those common people get immense merits returned to them to enrich their provisions by practicing Dharma and returning merits to Buddha and Bodhisattvas on those holy days. In the Dharma Ritual of the Supreme GreatMaternal Buddha (Samu Baiching, 灑母白請), there is one sentence which must be said in the returning-the-merit part at the end: “I would like to return the merit of practicing this dharma to the Supreme Great Maternal Buddha.” Would the holiest Supreme Maternal Buddha with the wonderful enlightenment need the ordinary people to return their merit? So, for the same token, the senior monk is a supreme class holy monk in several thousand years. That is why those people chanting Buddha’s name and mantras could obtain the Initiation of Dharma Affinity by the Yidem (本尊法緣灌頂), which they couldn’t encounter in a hundred lifetimes of learning Buddhism, in such short holy dharma assemblies. That is the merit blessed and given to people by the hugely holy senior monk! Without the blessing by the senior monk on-site, you would not be qualified to receive the Initiation of Dharma Affinity by the Yidem, even if you were to hold several thousand dharma assemblies of the same kind. There are morning and evening chanting sessions at major temples, and there are a lot of people who have been to several thousand sessions of chanting or practicing. Why can they not get an initiation so high as this?

Those of you who practice Dharma, chant sutras, mantras, and Buddha names have less than one ten-thousandth of the merit compared to the senior monk.  But because they practiced Dharma and made offerings on the holy day of the senior monk’s passing, they have received merits returned to them by the senior monk. What they received is tens of thousand times more than what they could get by chanting sutras and mantras, praising Buddha, or practicing Dharma in daily life. Only as such can you obtain the Initiation of Dharma Affinity by the Yidem, which you couldn’t encounter in hundreds of lifetimes.

Many said it correctly that the holy incidents by Senior Monk Yinhai cannot be completely described. But people do not know that Senior Monk Yinhai has only done one thing. That is, He told Buddhist disciples that, although Buddhism and Buddha Dharma have come to the very chaotic Dharma-ending Era and correct Buddha Dharmas have been lost, they still exist in the world as they always have. They were in the hands of the senior monk. But where did the senior monk’s Buddha Dharmas come from?

We offer the following three points for you to ponder deeply why Senior Monk Yinhai has only done one thing:

  1. Senior Monk Yinhai proved to be a top-notch holy monk in the history of Buddhism;
  2. Senior Monk Yinhai told us the pith of learning from Buddha and cultivating our deeds; and
  3. Senior Monk Yinhai pointed out the source of the Dharmas for attaining his accomplishment.

Let’s talk about the first point.  Over ten years ago, after the senior monk was persecuted to death but revived five days later by manifesting a holy miracle, the first sentence he said was: “You cannot have a slight bit of hurting behavior towards those who hurt me.” The senior monk only had the mind and deeds of great compassion and the Bodhi mind without any bit of hatred. When He passed away, He created a great miraculous transformation in his body, the first in the Buddhist history, ten days after his passing, changing from what used to be a bony, skinny and old face completely into one that was full, plump and majestic. Even the fingernails kept growing. The professional staff at the mortuary serving Senior Monk Yinhai witnessed it in person and testified to this unprecedented holy incident by the senior monk. With just this accomplishment, the senior monk is an unprecedented top-class number-one holy monk in the world.

Pitifully, his body had to be interred on the 32nd day, per the U.S. laws, with offerings made to.

Next, let’s talk about the second point. The verses which the senior monk gave Wangzha Shangzun says:

The holy and the sage have always been lonely since ancient times.
Only the recluses could be known to the later generations.

Do all good deeds, don’t do anything bad.
Have great compassion, never become evil, never cheat
I don’t belong to a sect.
All my merits and good deeds converge into true Buddha Dharma.
If you want to reach the apex of true Buddha Dharma
Then take refuge in the Buddha’s School with me.

(The Buddha’s School is the religion of Buddhas in the ten directions and the true Buddhism transmitted by Shakyamuni Buddha. It is not the Buddhism that was altered by the different denominations in the later generations. The Buddha’s School directly comes from Buddha and is without any worldly lineage or divisional system.)

The senior monk tells us that cultivating deeds and learning from Buddha requires us to bury our fame and fortune, to abstain from doing bad deeds, and to do all good deeds. The best Buddha Dharma for cultivating deeds is the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation. He led Wangzha Shangzun to pay homage to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as the master and to learn Buddha Dharma from His Holiness. The meaning of that is very profound.

Now the third point. The senior monk is the great achiever of the combined practices of the Supreme and Unsurpassed Mahamudra of Liberation and the Great Compassionate and Wonderful Sea of the Red Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva Dharma (大悲勝海紅觀音). The holy incidents before and after his passing proved to have broken the existing records of passing in the Buddhist history entirely. All the unprecedented, unthinkable, and world-shocking holy incidents by the senior monk came from the universal Dharma of Buddhas in the ten directions, which He had learned from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He realized these achievements by receiving the State Practice Initiation and the supreme Buddha Bestowing Holy Amrit Initiation from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. He told Wangzha Shangzun: “If you want to reach the apex of true Buddha Dharma, then take refuge in the Buddha’s School with me.” That indicated that the source of his Dharma came from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

A lot of the disciples of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III are famous high monks or Great Virtuous Ones, who have attained significant achievements. Some passed in rainbow light; some obtained freedom from death and rebirth; some left shariras after cremation; some people’s flesh never decayed; and some went to look around in the World of Ultimate Bliss first, returned to this word before raising in passing. Except for Shakyamuni Buddha, there was not another past holy one in Buddhist history who had established so many precedences. Cases in point include: High Monk Tonghui, Great Master Qingding, Senior Monk Puguan, Senior Monk Guozhang, Senior Monk Wuming, Senior Monk Yizhao, Dharma King Daxila, the Laymen Wang Lingze, Cheng E-Fen, Hou Yushan, Tangxie Lehui, and Linliu Huixiu. Still, their achievements can not compare with the unparalleled worldly accomplishments by the Senior Monk Yinhai.

The Senior Monk Yinhai has proven that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is the very source of the real, true Buddha Dharma in today’s world. There is not a second person who can stand close to His Holiness! The Buddhist Endeavors that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has accomplished tell of a practical doer who openly and singly destroyed evil arguments and established correct Buddhism doctrines and one who benefited all living beings altruistically. That is why we say that the Senior Monk Yinhai proved the highest and supreme Buddha State of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III by manifesting his great achievements obtained from his practice and realization. We can know from it that the Senior Monk has made accomplishments no others can compare to in the Buddhist history by destroying evil masters and cheaters and establishing true Buddha Dharma. That is because he demonstrated the supremacy of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III with His tremendous achievements through learning the Buddha Dharma from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. That is the one thing the Senior Monk has done!

A humbled practitioner of self-cultivation

The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters
March 1, 2017

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Senior Monk Yinhai Has Only Done One Thing



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