The Scar Experiment

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The Scar Experiment

A group of scientific researchers conducted an interesting psychological experiment called “The Scar Experiment.” They announced to participating volunteers that the purpose of the study was to observe how people responded to a stranger with a marred physical appearance, particularly a facial scar.

Using Hollywood makeup techniques, the scientists drew bloody and gruesome scars on each volunteer’s left cheek, and displayed the new “scar” to each participant using a small handheld mirror. After glancing at their marred image, the mirror was taken away. The researchers’ final step was to inform each volunteer that some finishing powder needed to be placed on his/her scar to prevent it from smearing. In reality, the researchers used a tissue to wipe off the scar. But the volunteers still believed they had the awful scars on their faces. Each individual was sent out into the waiting rooms of different medical offices with instructions to notice how strangers responded to their appearance.

At the appointed time, the ten volunteers returned to the scientific researchers and all shared the same report. In their encounters, they noticed that strangers were ruder to them, less kind and stared at their scars. In reality, their faces were no different compared to usual. They came to such a conclusion because their wrong self-conception influenced their judgement.

This is truly a thought-provoking experiment. Depending on how a person sees himself in his own mind, he will experience the same reaction from the outside world. At the same time, this experiment also testifies to a Western saying, “Others see you according to how you see yourself.” Is it not so?

Enlightenment: The world of one’s inner mind determines the vision one has. Only you can decide how others look at you.”

The Scar Experiment


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