A Pillar Holding Up Heaven – Yun Sculpture

A Pillar Holding Up Heaven – Yun Sculpture


Recently I have visited H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Culture and Art Museum. It was very impressive, every composition there is world class. Especially the Yun sculptures, the colors of Yun sculptures are gorgeous, presenting a dreamlike and illusory scene not found in this world. Yun sculptures convey a sense of multidimensionality and are carved in extremely fine and complex detail, truly manifesting endless forms of variation. From the introduction, I learned that Yun Sculpture is a new form of art that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III created for humanity. It has never appeared before in history. Since the advent of Yun sculptures, artwork that can never be duplicated has appeared for the first time in the human world.

There is one called “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven “. About three meters tall, it truly is a holy and inconceivably wondrous treasure. The artwork is crystal-like bright with extremely fine details. Its beauty is more than eyes could capture. With the glass-like transparency, it is unbelievably touching and striking to see and the countless forms and variations within the structure are indescribable by words. The Yun sculpture is made from carving an acrylic material and then applying colors.

The story behind this Yun sculpture is even more astonishing. There is an account documented by a Buddhist disciple Qi, Pengzhi who personally witnessed the true event.

A Pillar Holding Up Heaven 

“What I am about to say is about the Yun sculpture “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” created by Master Wan Ko Yee (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III ), my Buddha Dharma King Master. One year and nine months ago, this holy work of art was completed and its shape finalized. At August 18, 2004, several of us decided to place the artwork “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” into a display cabinet. First, the bottom edge of the artwork had to be closely traced on a baseboard. This was done to make sure that the sculpture would be centered. I personally traced a black line very carefully around the artwork. At that point, we all figured out that the size of the display cabinet which had previously been calculated and built was too small and the upper portion of the artwork would go beyond the baseboard. Because the body of the artwork was too large, it was impossible to fit in the display cabinet. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III  strictly criticized us, “Why didn’t you measure it right in the beginning? Will this display cabinet, worth thousands of dollars, now be discarded?” The Master faced “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” and casually said to himself, “It would be nice if you could become smaller!” After the Master finished saying that, six of us lifted “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” and placed it down on the floor. Because it was such a precious piece and worth so much, we all guarded the spot. 

          Approximately five hours passed. We then lifted it to the baseboard preparing to take a picture. Just as “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” was moved up to the baseboard where I had previously traced the black line, a fellow disciple suddenly yelled, “Hey, it has become the magic stick of Sun Wu Kong (the Monkey King)!” Everyone looked. To our surprise, “A Pillar Holding Up Heaven” had actually shrunk. With only H.H. Buddha Dharma King’s words “Let it be smaller…”, it actually shrunk and now fit perfectly into the display cabinet. At this moment, I traced a red line around the bottom edge of the artwork once again on the same baseboard that showed the previously traced black line. When comparing the two lines, the widest part of the artwork had actually shrunk and the line was now more than two inches smaller than the previous line. The entire upper portion of the artwork shrank and fit perfectly into the area of the display cabinet. This inanimate piece of artwork which had already finalized its shape was truly magnificent and unbelievably amazing. “

          “I am a Buddhist disciple. I would not fabricate false testimony which would violate the law of cause and effect. These two lines were traced by me that day based on the bottom edge of the actual artwork that day. Moreover, the artwork indeed shrank because of the Master’s words. If any of the above is falsely fabricated, I shall be punished, enter the three evil paths and become an animal. If this account of said facts is authentic, I will greatly gain good fortune and wisdom and dedicate the merit to the well-being of everyone. 

          Now, I have some honest words that come from my heart that I would like to give everyone. Everyone should think about just what level this great and authentic Buddha-dharma actually is on so that such power can be demonstrated. Shouldn’t we take this opportunity to take refuge and learn the authentic Buddha-dharma? “

A Pillar Holding Up Heaven – Yun Sculpture


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Source: https://www.hhdcb3cam.org/htmlpages/yun-sculptures.html,

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