Asian Art Museum at a Glance

Asian Art Museum at a Glance

San Francisco is truly a paradise of museums. There are so many museums and galleries in the city — fine arts, modern arts, history, science, cable car, even an ice cream museum. One of my favorites is the Asian Art Museum.

An amazing interactive activity for kids of all ages was a digital aquarium where you are given paper with an outline of an aquatic animal to color and then your art piece is scanned and appears swimming on the wall. I tried that too, to feel like a kid one more time.

My only one little complaint, is there are only a few Chinese ink paintings. Chinese ink painting is one of the oldest art traditions still practiced today. One important form of ink painting is Chinese calligraphy, which can be traced back to 4000 B.C. So it is a very important part of Asian art history. However I found a smaller sized museum located on market street, just a couple of blocks away from the Asian Art Museum, that showcased this type of artwork. The International Art Museum of America has Chinese painting art including landscapes, flowers and birds, fish and insects, and figures. The techniques, whether it is fine brushwork, freehand brushwork, or splashing ink, are all ingenious, with authentic traditional techniques and innovations. Every piece is world class level. It truly gave me an uplifting aesthetic enjoyment.



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