Healing Vidyas – Power of Vajra Needle

Vajra Needle That Eliminates Illness

The healing vidya is one of the five vidyas of Buddhism. Holy beings should possesses the ability to heal the diseases of humans, so they can save people from physical pain and allow them to live happy and healthy lives. Buddha and Bodhisattva always try their best to decrease the obstacles on people’s Dharma practicing path. Hence the healing vidya is very important in this regard.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III showed his extraordinary healing power when he was very young. Back in the 1970’s, he was a well known doctor in his hometown. Everyday many people came to his place for help. At times, he saw three hundred patients in one day. He collected herb medicine by himself, and all his care and medicine were free to all the patients. There are many testimonies that attest to his prowess in medicine, some of which are officially published in his biography Master Yi Yun Gao. Besides regular Chinese medicine, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III also held the most incredible healing Dharma: the Vajra Needle.

In applying this vajra needle that eliminates illness, Kuan Yin Bodhisattva is used as the yidam (object of veneration), and the Horse Head Vajra Deity (a transformation body of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva) manifests awesome power. That is why the Han-Chinese people call it “Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle.” It is a healing technique specially used to cure people’s illnesses. Currently, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata is the only one who possesses this dharma.

The powerful effects of this needle are miraculous. Various effects are produced according to the particular mudra and mantra H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III applies. This needle is able to open all of the body’s joints and acupuncture points. People who receive this treatment experience power moving through their body. No matter how strong a patient’s power of resistance may be, as soon as H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III increases the power of the mudra, the patient will immediately feel as if his internal organs were on fire and will fall to the ground screaming in pain. It is clear that people do not have the power to offer resistance to the effects of this needle.

This needle can easily cure yin deficiency and yang excess relating to the liver, gall, kidneys, spleen, and lungs; qi (vital energy)-blood disharmony; harm done to the internal organs; and other strange illnesses resulting from the six meridians or imbalance among the four great elements. After Zigong Zhuang personally experienced the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle treatment, he wrote the following words in the book Master Yi Yungao (Master Yi Yungao is H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III):

“Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle is a unique healing technique of Buddhism requiring special powers, and it is used to cure people of their illnesses. It is said that common people cannot master this technique. In order to apply this technique, one must have reached a very high state of training in the Vajra Fist Dharma of esoteric Buddhism. One must also have entered the phase that transcends the generation and completion phases. Through special skills, one produces a power that adjusts the “external four great elements.” (earth, water, fire, and wind) One then uses one’s concentration powers to bring about needle treatment reactions that course through the body like a galloping horse. Additionally, one must use thought to guide the “internal four great elements” of the patient’s body so that his body undergoes acute changes in an instant. Using the energy channels and acupuncture points, the obstructions of illness are expelled one after another. Why does that treatment produce such amazing effects? It has to do with the ultimate truths of the universe.”

Zigong Zhuang, the author of Biography of Master Yi Yun Gao, in the book he described his personal experience when H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu Holiest Tathagata treated him with the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle: “I saw the Master1 take out a thin, long silver needle. He sat facing me about two meters away. He then tossed the needle, which entered the acupuncture point on my left leg called yang ling quan. At that time, there was no unusual feeling in my body. I just felt the needle shaking continuously. As the Master’s mudras changed, so did my reactions. He shouted “swell!” and my entire body generated a swelling feeling. He shouted “tingle!” and my entire body instantly produced tingling sensations. He shouted “cold!” and the inside of my body at once felt as if I had entered an ice cellar. 

“The Master then uttered something unintelligible, and I heard a loud boom in my head. It seemed as if my body had quickly swelled. The inside of my body felt like a sudden violent storm accompanied by thunder, lightening, and surging rivers and seas. It was an astonishing and shocking experience. Then, it seemed as if wind and fire were fast approaching before my eyes. The wind was helping the strength of the fire, and the fire was adding to the power of the wind. In an instant, I was being tormented by internal and external forces. I perspired profusely and was almost destroyed. Right when I was flustered and confused, I heard “leave!” Everything then vanished and became peaceful. I forgot about both my body and mind. There was just an expanse of tranquility and emptiness. 

“After a short while, strangely enough, it seemed as if that needle was “galloping” on its own. It would shake and sensations would course up my leg and enter acupuncture points in the proper sequence of those points. At that time, my entire body felt open and unblocked. My qi-blood circulation was as free flowing as a spring stream or floating clouds. I can’t say whether it was normal consciousness or hallucination, but I felt that my whole body and mind were immersed in happiness and pleasure. “I finally experienced the miraculous effects of the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle. Although I am well known for always sleeping very soundly, that night I could not fall asleep. While in a state of drowsiness the next morning, I suddenly became clear-headed. I wiped my eyes and realized my illness had disappeared. The blue sky and green earth spread before my window. Full of energy, I threw myself into the new day.”

A disciple by the name of Kion Yat beseeched H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to treat him with needles. When H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III lightly applied one needle, disciple Yat did not at first feel anything. But when His Holiness began to recite a mantra and apply a mudra, disciple Yat became cold. Even ice formed on his eyebrows. His illness was immediately cured. This vajra needle is truly the king of all needles that only a Buddha possesses. Great Bodhisattva Tangtong Gyalpo Rinpoche XVI said that he personally saw the limitless power of the Galloping Horse Wonderful Needle and the incredibly high realization of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

Vajra Needle That Eliminates Illness


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