Reasons Not to Take Life So Seriously

Reasons Not to Take Life So Seriously

Every day you are faced with a million little traps that encourage you to take your life way too seriously. Next time you are tempted to smash your computer or lash out in a fit of road rage, remember these reasons not to take life so seriously.

1. Relationships are all that matter

Time   and   time again when researchers have tried to figure out what makes people happy they have come to the same conclusion: personal relationships make the biggest difference. If we valued our happiness over money we would do everything we could to spend time with friends   and   family   and   not worry so much about putting in extra time at work. When you look back on your life, you won’t reflect on the time you spent at work; you will remember family dinners, great vacations, romantic dinners,   and   your wedding.

2. Rich people aren’t happier people
Spending more time at home or with friends will probably have a negative impact on the balance of your bank account. Just reading that sentence probably sent a wave of panic through some of you, but consider the fact that wealth is not correlated with happiness. In fact, once you have enough money to satisfy your basic needs, money makes very little difference in your overall well-being. The only exceptions are if you give your extra money to charity.

3. Worrying isn’t productive
Some of us even end up stressed out in situations   where   it is totally unwarranted. For example, you might find yourself visiting a new city like London or Paris   and   end up thoroughly confused   by   the transit system. You can’t find out how to get   where   you want to go   and   it makes you want to scream. But what are you accomplishing   by   stressing yourself out? Nothing.

4. Your time is limited
You only get to live one life. If you’re lucky enough to make it to age 90 you still have less than 800,000 hours between the time you are born   and   the time you die to cherish   and   enjoy all the things that make up life. One third of that time you won’t even be awake for, so you had best make the most of the remaining chunk. Do what you need to do to live a happy   and   fulfilled life.

Reasons Not to Take Life So Seriously



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