JinBa Pui Chu Yee Rinpoche a World-class “Children’s artist”

JinBa Pui Chu Yee Rinpoche Predicted She Would be a World-class “Children’s artist” in Five Months

During the visit of a reporter on February 29, 2004, Jinba Pui Chu Yee Rinpoche made a prediction that she would become a world-class “Children’s artist” in just five months. The setting for the meeting was a solemn Buddhist mandala, and Jinba Rinpoche was dressed in traditional Tibetan Rinpoche’s robes, adorned with the seven treasures. Her appearance was slim and graceful, with a natural wisdom reflected in her features. Her sharp eyes exuded both compassion and wisdom.

During the interview, Jinba Rinpoche revealed that her father was none other than the great Dharma King (H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III), who was not only a spiritual leader but also a talented artist. While Jinba Rinpoche had always been drawn to art, she had never attempted landscaping art before and was unfamiliar with the materials used in such work. Nevertheless, she expressed a strong desire to explore this art form and shared that her father would transmit the Manjushri wisdom and enlightenment dharma to her the day after the interview. With this newfound knowledge, Jinba Rinpoche aimed to publish a book of her landscaping art within five months. When asked about the content of the book, she confidently replied that it would feature a special collection of her own works. Her conviction and determination were evident.

When asked about the level of achievement she aimed for, Jinba Rinpoche, with the poise of a seasoned leader, declared that she aimed for nothing less than world-class status. This was no small feat, given that producing even a few works of landscaping art within five months was a world miracle that most people could hardly fathom, let alone publishing a book. The reporter was understandably curious about her confidence and asked how she could be so sure. Jinba Rinpoche replied that her father, the great artist and spiritual leader, was none other than the Vajra Dharma King, whom she held in the highest regard. She was certain that with his guidance and the teachings of the Tathagata Dharma, she could create stunning landscapes in no time. For her, making landscaping art was a piece of cake.

Despite Jinba Rinpoche’s young age, the reporter was struck by her gravitas and sincerity, leaving no room for doubt about the authenticity of her words. However, as a journalist, he had to ask the questions that the public might raise. Jinba Rinpoche responded with utmost solemnity, “Doubt is intrinsic to all sentient beings, for without doubt, what is sentience? As a Rinpoche, lying is not an option, for it would mean falling into hell. Why would one choose to fall into hell by lying? If I lie to others, I would deserve such a fate. As a Rinpoche, why would I want to end up in hell because of lying?” Her response not only demonstrated her commitment to honesty and integrity but also revealed her deep understanding of the Buddhist principles she espoused.

Her prediction of course came true. The New York Academy of Art evaluated her sculpture landscapes. On May 11, 2004, that Academy issued a certificate to Jinba Pui chu Yee signed by its Executive Director, Mr. Stephen Farthing. That certificate contained the following evaluation: “It have been a great pleasure for both e as Executive Director, and my Faculty at the New York Academy of Art, to get to know the artwork of such an internationally acclaimed artist as Ms. Pui Chu Yee. Her unique approach transports the viewer beyond taste and fantasy to a point where enchantment and contemporary art meet. Her work is a great achievement.”

She has published a book featuring a collection of her landscape compositions, which can be reviewed and purchased at the Hua Zang Si temple in San Francisco. Additionally, some of her artworks are on display in the grand hall of the temple.

Jinba Rinpoche creating art work with special vajra painting on her face

Tibet Plateau
Holy Saint

Mountains and Mirror lake

Signature created by Jinba Rinpoche

The Source and Flow of Life
This Is a Place by the Lake Where Wild Deer Gather
man and Warrior Performs Prodigious Feats on a Cliff

JinBa Pui Chu Yee Rinpoche a World-class “Children’s artist”


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