Learn to forgive others’ faults

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There was an elementary school teacher who taught in a remote town.
One day, he asked the little children in his class, “Do you have anyone you hate?”
After thinking it over, some of the little children remained silent while others nodded with great force.
The teacher then passed a bag to everyone and said, “Let’s play a game.
Now, all of you think about who has offended you and what hateful things have been done to you in the past week. Once you have them in mind, go find a rock by the riverside on your way home after school.
“Paste a little paper note, written with the person’s name, on the rock. If his fault was big, then find a bigger rock; if his fault was small, then find a smaller rock.
“Every day, place what you have collected in a bag and bring it with you to school and show me!”
All the students felt that it was very interesting and new.
After school, every one rushed to the riverside to find rocks. Early next morning, all the students brought their bags, filled with pebbles to school, and discussed about it happily.
With the passing of one day passed, two days, and three days, some of the students’ bag grew larger and larger. It had become a burden.
Finally, someone protested and said, “This is so tiring!” The teacher smiled but did not respond. Immediately, someone picked the conversation and continue to complaint, “Exactly! Carrying all these rocks to school is so tiring!”

At that moment, the teacher spoke up and said, “Now put down these rocks which represent the faults of people who have offended you!”
The students were all surprised, so the teacher explained, “Learn to forgive others’ offenses. Do not keep them as treasures in your mind, nor bear them on your shoulders. No one can stand it overtime.”
That week, the students of the class learned an extremely precious life lesson.
The greater the number and the bigger the rocks held in the bag, the deeper the tired accumulated in the mind, and the heavier the burden. If you have rocks written with others’ names, you should know what to do.

Learn to forgive others’ faults


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