Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

Holy Monk Yinhai

On January 15 2017, Elder Monk Yinhai, has left us after perfect practices. A top-level great holy monk has forever gone in the world. Under the condition of having no sign of sickness, the Elder Monk went into a perfect passing in a sudden. According to U.S. laws, a doctor must file a death certificate with the government. The doctor, however, could not find any sickness as the cause of death, so he just wrote the heart stopped according to what happened. 

Wangzha Shangzun had already predicted in public when the holy examinations ended on December 30th, 2016: “There is a holy monk who ever shone light from His nine burn-marks and broke the darkness of the room. He is the number one high monk in this world today, whom I respect the most. He will leave us in the middle of January next year. After his passing, a holy feat that has never happened in Buddhist history shall happen. That will be a great joyful matter and is worthy of joyful celebration.” 

Wangzha Shangzun wrote a praise verse especially:

Monk Yinhai has merits that shine brightly in the universe
His nine burn-marks emitted light that broke darkness in the room
A greatly compassionate Bodhi incluse who now is known to the world,
On His own will, He returned to the Upper Lotus of Ultimate Bliss
After Shengzun’s passing, His flesh transformed with holy miracle
Creating a new sacred chapter on passing in Buddhist history
Earlier we went to reclusive practice in the deep mountain cave together
Lately, we were both close to the Buddha to receive true teachings

—the humbled Buddhist disciple, Wangzha Gongbo, holding palms together. February 15, 2017

Chinese praise verse written by WangZha ShangZun

Besides composing and writing the praise verse, Shangzun also talked about the Elder Monk’s holy feats, explained that the Elder Monk’s greatly compassionate Bodhi merits shone in the universe and spread the dharmic connection to true Buddha Dharma for the human Saha world. He let Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings show their positive energy and bright light once again; He exposed the dirty phenomena where evil masters and charlatans were wreaking havoc when Buddha Dharma gradually became chaotic two thousand years after Shakyamuni Buddha’s time under the daylight. He allowed Buddhists to find the path to return to the true and correct teachings by the Buddha. 

After the holy monk’s perfect passing, even His fingers and nails continued to grow, showing a tremendous divine transformation in the flesh, which has never happened in Buddhist history. The holy feat manifest that is so majestic and wonderful created a new record in Buddhist history where, on the tenth day after the passing, the flesh and the bones started undergoing a complete change. In twenty days, the body transformed to another dharma image that is majestic beyond compare. The awe-inspiring holy feat the Elder Monk Yinhai left the human world indeed verified the prediction made by Wangzha Shangzun. 

After the Holy Monk entered nirvana, Buddhist disciples of the seven types guarded the Holy Monk’s flesh body at all times day and night. Each shift had between 8 to 16 persons chanting the holy name of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, without pausing for even one minute. Additionally, three high dharma assemblies were held every day at the site. From the tenth day, people began to see that the Elder Dharma Master’s flesh body was changing miraculously day by day and also emitted unique scent and light. Dharma Master Jue Hui, Dharma Master Long Hui, Dharma Master Xiangge Qiongwa, Dharma Master Ruo Hui, Dharma Master Miao Kong, Long Zhou Rinpoche, and others touched and pressed the Elder Monk’s flesh body by hand. They found that it was substantial and hard as a stone. They were all stunned and spoke with full praises. For that, Wangzha Shangzun was furious and scolded them, “This is total misbehavior. How could one touch and press the revered flesh body of the venerable holy one with one’s hand?” The dharma masters could only say that touching was permitted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The Shang Zun did not know how to react and could only say, “You should read the article about what Lama Achuk told Ah Qiong Khempo. Then you will know why the flesh body cannot be touched. Fortunately, the holy venerable one’s stage and state of realization are truly very high. That is why there have not been many effects. Otherwise, this sole holy manifestation occurring for the first time in the history of Buddhism would no longer exist. You should never act so carelessly again.” 

Photo on the left was taken 11 hours after the Holy Monk entered nirvana, on the right was taken after 24 days

The professional staff at the Universal Chung Wah Funeral Home also kept praising and said that it was amazing. Twenty days after the perfect passing, not only there are no more wrinkles, but also the bones and flesh have become quite full, and it looked like a completely different person. The fingers and nails have also grown longer. We have never seen it nor heard it, working here at the funeral home for twenty or thirty years. The great master practiced Buddhism too well!” 

Yinhai Shengzun, with such vast merits, had never touched fame, wealth, or power. He stayed reclusive in deep mountains. The Elder Monk wrote a verse to Wangzha Shangzun which says:

From ancient times, the holy ones often endured being alone.
Only those the recluse left their names.
Abstain from all that is evil, engage in all that is good
Sans evil or fraud, have a tremendous compassionate mind.
I am not one belonging to a sect.
Doing good deeds to attain merit is my dharma gate.
If you want the pure Buddha Dharma to reach the apex
Then follow me to take refuge in the Buddha’s School

(Buddha’s School is the religion that belongs to all Buddhas in the ten directions and is the true Buddhism of Shakyamuni Buddha. It is not the Buddha Dharma which sectarian people of later generations altered and added with their personal views. Buddha’s School directly belongs to Buddha and has no such things as lineages or sectarian systems.) 

The Elder Monk also told the Shangzun that the best and the highest Buddha Dharma for cultivation is the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation. When first meeting the Elder Monk, Wangzha Shangzun already observed in contemplation that His Holiness the Buddha had descended to the world. He asked the Elder Monk to help introduce him to the Buddha. The Elder Monk kindly declined the Shangzun’s request, citing that His Holiness the Buddha was still young at that time and had not started the karmic cause of spreading Buddha Dharma. It was not until ten years ago when the Shangzun finally followed Elder Dharma Master Yinhai to become a disciple of His Holiness the Buddha to learn Buddha Dharma and entered the School of Buddha, i.e., the authentic Buddha’s teaching which is not the sectarian Buddhism of any patriarch. It is the personal transmission and education that belongs directly to His Holiness the Buddha.

Shangzun said that He practiced Buddha Dharma in a reclusive cave deep in the mountains together with the Elder Monk Yinhai in the early years and learned a lot of things from Him. The Elder Monk had holy realization powers and the state of conducting Himself with great compassion and great wisdom, which cannot possibly be exhaustively told. Among the things that He learned from the Elder Monk was the formation of the Vajra Array. The Vajra of the Vajra Array does not belong to any one particular esoteric or exoteric school but directly pertains to the Buddha’s Buddhism. Take, for example, the Eight Great Vajras mentioned in the Diamond Sutra, or the Ucchusma Vajra of the Tang Esoteric Sect, or the Kalachakra Vajra and the Yamantaka Vajra of the Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism. They are all contained in the meaning of the Dharma. Which sect or school would they belong to? It is not the Buddhism of any particular lineage. It is directly the authentic Buddhism. Therefore, it is the School of the Buddha that it belongs to, not any patriarchal sectarian lineage. 

The Elder Monk’s holy power is extreme. Wangzha Shangzun once saw by accident the nine burn-marks on the head of the Elder Monk emitting light rays, which brightened the dark retreat chamber as daylight. It allowed living beings of the non-human realms to raise to higher realms. That happened many years ago. Of late, He and the Elder Monk both got close to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. They received Buddhist highest State-Practice Initiation and the supreme Great Initiation of Buddha Bestowing Amrit. 

Shangzun said: “The Elder Monk is an exceedingly accomplished one from the combined practice of Mahamudra of Liberation and Great Compassionate Magnificent Ocean Red Avalokitesvara. He is a tremendously holy being who came to this world on His own will from the World of Ultimate Bliss. He has now returned to the Upper-Level Lotus Platform in the Pure Land. I am humbled by the level and the stage the Elder Monk has realized. The tremendous meritorious achievement He manifested with His flesh after His perfect passing has never happened in history. You can compare the pictures taken just eleven hours after His perfect passing and the ones taken about His miraculous transformation later. You can see right away that the miraculous transformation reaches such a magnificent and majestic degree, which has never happened in the entire history of the whole world. We can only say that it is terrific and dignified; it is an unparalleled holy feat; the source of true Buddha Dharma is there, and as such, all living beings are fortunate! This is the exact source of the true Dharma of the Tathagata. The holy feat of the miraculous transformation which the Elder Monk Yinhai manifests after His perfect passing lets people understand that the true Buddha Dharma, the great Dharma that allows people to attain liberation and accomplishment, is where H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is! 

Elder Monk Yin Hai Created an Unprecedented Holy Manifestation in the History of Buddhism after His Entering Nirvana

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